Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Shang-Li

May 14, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

Brown and white Shih Tzu in front of a white wall

We have a very special dog this week for our Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog!

Shang-Li's human Carmen T. shared with us:

My dog's name is Shang-Li. He is a Shih Tzu. To me, he is the most adorable and loving little thing. We have a friendship like no other. Shang-Li is my best bud. The minute I held him for the first time at the breeders he just seared into my heart. He follows me around and is so excited to see me when I get home. Shang-Li knows when I am sick and he watches over me. He sleeps on my bed with me and he lies by my feet when I have breakfast or when I do the dishes. He is the most adorable companion. I recently was divorced and I can honestly say that I am so grateful to have my Shang-Li. He is a source of friendship and comfort.