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Dog Booties For Summer: Protect Your Dog’s Feet From The Heat

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With summer in full effect, there is an added responsibility when it comes to taking care of our dog’s paws. While we have shoes to wear outdoors that protect us from the hot cement, our dogs can experience serious injury if we don’t offer their paws protection from the scorching heat. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the possible dangers your dog may face in hot climates and how you can protect their paws going forward. 

Dog Paw Pads

The term “paw pad” refers to the skin on the base of your dog’s paw. This rough exterior is there to protect their paws from injury, making the base of their paw a bit tougher than the rest of their skin. While this area is certainly more resistant to harm than other parts of the body, it does not mean the area is invincible.

While the paw pad is tough, the tissue underneath the paw pad is not. Injuries to the paw pad are serious in dogs, as the tissue beneath the paw pad can easily become exposed with a serious injury.

Since the tissue underneath the paw pad is so sensitive, paw pad injury can cause temporary lameness in dogs due to pain when they bear weight. These injuries are also prone to infection due to direct contact with the ground and the germs that live there.

There are always more possibilities for paw pad injury in the summer due to many reasons. Paw pads can become injured due to hot cement, due to increased activity outdoors that can cause “road rash”, as well as coming in contact with sticks and other sharp objects.

More outdoor time always puts your dog at more risk to paw pad injury, making it important to protect their paws when you can.

Dog Booties For Summer

Dog booties are a combination of a sock and shoe that is meant to protect their paws from injury. Booties add a protective layer that teams up with the paw pad, making it even more challenging for anything to damage your dog’s paws. With an extra barrier on the paw pad, your pup can withstand more heat and friction without the risk of serious injury. 

So what are some qualities to look for in a good dog bootie? First, you need to be sure that the bootie has a snug fit for your furry friend. If the bootie is sleeping and sliding on their paw, it’s not providing the security protection they need. 

A snug fit is best! Next, you’ll want to be sure that the material is advertised as breathable. Since your dog will likely be wearing these booties in the hot summer heat, you’ll want to be sure that their paws are able to breathe in the fabric. 

The last factor to consider is whether the booties are machine washable or not. Our dog’s paws come in contact with dirt and germs on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure you are able to easily clean the booties between uses. 

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RuffWear Summit Trex Dog Booties

In order to help you find the perfect bootie for your furry friend, we’ve found a brand that we trust to keep your dog’s paws safe! Some of our favorite qualities of the RuffWear Summit Trex Dog Booties include:

  • Anti-slip soles that will keep your dog moving comfortably on any surface
  • Protection from sharp objects and extreme temperatures, such as a blazing hot sidewalk on a hot summer day and sharp sticks your dog may step on throughout the grass
  • They are water-resistant, meaning your dog can step in puddles without damaging the booties
  • Easy to take on and off when needed
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any dog comfortably
  • Machine washable, allowing you to thoroughly clean them between uses

Things To Consider Before Buying Dog Booties

Before you begin your search for the best dog booties for your canine companion, there are a few things to consider before you buy!

  • Understand that a great deal does not necessarily mean quality. With an important task such as protecting your dog’s paws, you don’t want to skimp on the purchase. You get what you pay for, and dog booties are no exception. 
  • Consider the type of activity your dog will be doing when you purchase the booties. There is a booty that is recommended for simple walks all the way to vigorous hiking, so be sure to look for a booty that suits your pup best. 
  • Be sure to measure your dog’s paws before you order the booties. Since the booty will not work properly unless they are the right size, it’s important to have exact paw measurements before you purchase. 

Dog Booties Help Keep Happy Healthy Paws

Though the summer heat brings more risk for our furry friend’s paws, there are ways we can keep their paws harm-free! Be sure to review the tips we’ve mentioned above about the best dog booties, and your pup will have paw protection for all hot days to come!

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