June 15, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

SitStay Blog: A Guide To Walking Harnesses

Not every dog is a breeze to walk on the conventional collar and leash. Whether due to size, behavioral problems, or simply desiring more control, harnesses are perfect for dog walking. The primary benefit of a harness is the lack of throat pressure. For dogs that are very excitable or who pull, harnesses eliminate the threat of choking and gagging. Harnesses come in several varieties often centered on a specific issue.

The Easy Walk Harness

The Easy Walk harness clips in front and is designed to discourage, and over time train your dog not to pull. Its placement over the breastbone keeps your dog safe from windpipe depression and gagging unlike most neck collars. Easy Walk allows you to shift pressure to either side of your dog when he or she is pulling, ultimately turning them to the side or toward you through the force of their own momentum. This allows you to correct, direct and reward the dog for returning to your side properly.

The Sure-Fit Harness

The Sure-Fit harness clips on the back and is ideal for dogs with no major behavior problems on walks. It is designed with the comfort of the dog, and ease for the owner in mind. It eliminates the need for stepping into the harness or struggling with belly straps while still offering unparalleled control for your dog. 

The Gentle Leader

The Gentle Leader is a head and muzzle harness but does not muzzle your dog. It is ideal for dogs determined to lunge, pull, jump and other poor behaviors on walks. There are no restrictions in eating, drinking, playing, fetching, and even barking unless and until you decide it is an inappropriate time to do so. Gentle leader works by providing gentle pressure at the back of the neck, which closes the dog's mouth and redirects head position to prevent jumping, biting, barking and pulling. The Gentle Leader also makes training the sit, stay and down a breeze with the natural head control.

The Easy-Sport Harness

The Easy-Sport harness has an elastic neckline that makes it ideal for dogs that have a difficult time fitting standard harnesses. The leash attachment is in the back which is ideal for owners whose dogs do not have major behavioral problems. Padded for comfort, this harness allows a full range of motion for the legs and clips together at the back.

Finding the perfect harness for your dog does not have to be difficult. Ensuring you selected the right fit and a harness that addresses your pet's individual needs can make walks a lot less frustrating and more fun for both dog and owner. Specialized harnesses are effective because they often provide self-correcting action, removing the need for verbal correction while helping you train your dog over time.