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Meet Mr. Omega 3 and Miss Omega 6

December 28, 2016 0 Comments

Once upon a time there were two fatty acids, Miss Omega 3 and Mr. Omega 6. They traveled near and far in all sorts of ingredients and product formulations searching for true love.

Miss Omega 3 was a polyunsaturated fatty acid. She loved hanging out in healthy fish and oils, a few plant oils and other hot spots. Omega 3 was in charge of helping normal growth, improving heart function, and also helping the inflammatory agents of the body to fight off infection. Through her busy days of curing and improving the body, still she yearned for her one true love.

Mr. Omega 6 was a similar fatty acid, that loved to be a part of many plant oils (like avocado, flax, hemp, and soybeans, to name a few). Omega 6 helped to keep skin at its best, improve kidney and renal function, and help to ensure healthy offspring. He worked hard in his jobs to improve the body, but like Miss Omega 3, knew there had to be more to life.

The Omega duo together is unstoppable, and will make your pooch unstoppable, too! Omega 3 fatty acids are great at lowering and controlling inflammation for Fido’s joints and muscles. This means that joint pain can be prevented or reduced! Omega 3 is also great for the dog that needs to improve or maintain heart health! Heart health is very important to make sure proper exercise is maintained! The Omega 6 fatty acids help make sure that your dog’s skin is healthy and glowing, and the coat is shiny and lustrous. These amazing fatty acids also help to make sure all of the pipes are running smoothly and dog’s kidneys and urinary health are in tip top shape!

Pretty impressive couple, don’t ya think?!