Staff Pick: 2016 Top Treats

November 07, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

SitStay Blog Staff Picks: 2016 Top Treats

Jill, Hannah and Stacy pick out their favorite dog treats for the 2016 year! These high-quality products made the list...

Jill's Picks

Canine Caviar

For my pug, they last 4-6 hours, for my Bostie, they last 3-4 hours. These are what they shoplift when they come to the store. 

Plato Organic Real Strips Treats, Salmon, Duck and Chicken

These are the perfect size for the mazee or snoop - really keeps them engaged and doesn't fall right out of the toys. 

Elinora's Dried Fish Skin Chews

A super healthy treat that my dogs go CRAZY for! All the tricks come out before they get one of these! 

Hannah's Picks

Beer Paws Biscuits

Danté's eyes get really big when he sees these treats more than any others. (He's more toy motivated than treat.) He immediately does any request in order to get one of these as quickly as possible.

Tricky Trainers

I love using tricky trainers both when my border collie was a puppy and now that we are in agility training. They are super quick to pull out and he's able to get his reward quickly so we are able to get right back into what we are learning.

SitStay Waddlers & Paddlers

As weird as it may be to see a duck foot hanging out of my dog's mouth I am very happy to give them to him because of how happy he is eating them. It makes me happy how they don't stain the carpet.

Stacy's Picks

Snook's Sweet Potato Chew Ropes

I love when we receive a new shipment of these! For me personally, sweet potatoes are a comfort food, so when I open the box and smell all the goodies inside, it just brings a smile to my face! Knowing that this high-quality treat is exactly what it says it is brings comfort to dog owners too!

Give Pet Treats

Dogs love these treats and with names like Doghouse Rock and Breakfast All Day, they're super fun, but more importantly, they give back to shelters. For every bag sold, Give Pet donate's enough treats for at least ten shelter dogs. Their goal is to give millions of shelter dogs a little lovin’!

Find out more about the Give Pet business here.

Give Treats

This is another treat that gives back with every box you buy.  These all natural, premium baked treats are unique to SitStay. For each box we sell, we donate $1 to DomestiPups.

Find out more about DomestiPups here.

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