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Top 10 Best Dog Supplies For 2017

December 28, 2017 0 Comments

As the year comes to a close we are reflecting on the top ten dog supplies that you found to be the best. Treats, toys, supplement, and gear, all of these great categories had some stellar products to help your dog throughout the many seasons of the year.

Elinora's Fish Skins

These fish skins are our number one treat due to their single-ingredient nature and their surprising toughness. 

Cape-Style Vest

While this vest is highly-popular for our service and therapy dogs, many people found it's lightweight use on the trails incredibly helpful. 

Advanced Cetyl M

Whether as a treat or a powder, our number one supplement of the year has to be the Cetyl M. Adult and senior dogs experience the joy of less-achy joints thanks to this product

Polkadog Twisted Cod Skins

Not far behind the Elinora's is the Polkadog Twisted Cod Skins. While being a little more brittle than the Elinora's, these skins are great for breaking apart and sharing with fellow fur-babies. 

Mesh Vest Kits

New to the SitStay lineup is the Mesh Vest Kits. These kits are a lower cost alternative to our ready-to-wear kits and are perfect for dogs that hold many titles and want to alternate their patches

Jones Curly Q's

These rawhide alternatives (along with their smaller counterparts the Cutie Q's) are a delicious way to alleviate the need to chew by putting their teeth to work on something they love.

Natural Doggie Coconut Oil

An excellent supplement to help with allergies and keep your dog's coat shiny is our Natural Doggie Coconut Oil. There are plenty of recipes you can use coconut oil with for your dog here (if they don't lick it right off the spoon in the meantime!)

Sam's Yams Big Boyz

Great for dog's health, Front Porch Pet's Sam's Yams Big Boyz help dental health by giving your dogs a thick slab of grain-free dehydrated sweet potato.

West Paw Qwizl

Newest to the Zogoflex tough-chew line is the West Paw Qwizl. This treat-hiding treat can take the crunch. Fill with yummy treats or delicious dog-safe foods like baby carrots. 

Kronch Salmon Oil

Stocked full of healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6, Kronch Salmon Oil is a tasty supplement for your dogs that helps to keep their coats shine.

While these are the top ten most popular, there are many other great treats, toys, and supplements to be enjoyed. Is your favorite product for your dogs on this list? Share in the comments below if we missed one!