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Top 5 Wag Your Tail Spotlights of 2016

November 30, 2016 0 Comments

SitStay Blog Top 5 Wag Your Tail Spotlights of 2016

We love dogs, and every week we like to feature one of our customer's dogs. Their stories are special and we want to celebrate each one of them. Look back with us know as we visit with 5 of the Wag Your Tail Spotlight dogs of 2016.

Wag Your Tail Spotlight Featuring Bramley

Bramley and his human Jo:

"My dog, Bramley, is about a 9 year old male neutered Shepherd mix. What he's mixed with is anyone's guess. He's very fluffy, sweet, has a very  enthusiastic full-body wag and a beautiful smile (if there was room for more pictures, I'd inundate you)."
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Bramley and his human shared with us even more adventures they have been up to:

"He continues to be ridiculously handsome, fluffy and supportive. It's been just over a year since we lost our housemate (heart dog), Shadow. Bramley has helped me immeasurably in recovering from that great loss with his love, cuddles, and goofy antics. I swear this dog has the best sense of humour, and a great appetite for food and adventures. We have continued to explore the great outdoors from hikes in our local regional parks, walks on beaches, and exploring national forests farther from home. I change jobs to my first where I can't take my dog with me, and Bramley has made new friends in a dog walking group. I'm quite envious of his outward hound lifestyle and social circle. This necessitated the purchase of spycams, and I am able to check in on him and give him treats remotely. I occasionally catch him glancing wistfully at the camera when I'm home! He has learned some new tricks, and remains patient with me, a slow learner, not nearly so quick on the uptake. I am looking forward to many more adventures, weekends away, laughs, and cuddles on these longer, colder, winter nights."

SitStay Blog Wag Your Tail Spotlight


Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Sophie

Sophie and her human Wendy:

"I have two mini dachshunds Vegas(red) and Sophie(Black and Tan) they are the best natured dogs. So much joy in my life with these two furry kids."
Find out Sophie's other sister...

We recently caught up with Sophie and her human and they are excited to have celebrated Sophie's 8th birthday!


Wag Your Tail Featuring Buddy

Buddy and his human Diane:

"This is Buddy.  He's our little ambassador of good will.  He earned his canine good citizen status just before his first birthday last year.
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Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Cort

Cort and his human John:

"I am a disabled veteran and Cort is an eight-month old Belgian Laekenois that I am training to be my service dog with IDEA Service Dogs in Keller, Texas. We have been together since he was ten-weeks old and have become very bonded."
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We recently reconnected with John and go to hear more of Cort's story.
"Cort and I continue to train as a service dog team. We have come far but still have a long way to go. We have a great life together and I am looking forward to many years of pleasure working with him.
Cort is now 10 months old and weighs 57 pounds so he is right on track for his adult size."

SitStay Blog Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Cort


Wag Your Tail Spotlight - April

April and her human Richard:

"I would like for you to meet my second best friend, APRIL.. ( My wife is my first best friend, but after 35 years together, she deserves top billing! ) So about April. April is a three (3) year old Black Lab, and Chow Mix. As a pup she was injured in a kennel accident, and lost her big fluffy tail, it had to be docked to a stub, as a result of most people mistakenly think she is a pit mix.. She was up for adoption and no-one would even consider her because of the tail, or rather the lack of one! We found her, just days before she was to be "put down", and what a find! "
Read how April proved her adoption shelter to be wrong about her...

Following up with April and her human we learned it to be an interesting summer for them.
"Well, it's been an interesting summer.. This is the first time in four years that I have been able to get on my boat, and April, had never been on it.! So it was a summer of firsts..
April spent a few enjoyable days and nights on board, with her brother Gilligan, and the rest of the family. She taught my Cousin to drive the boat, or so she thinks.! She has used her training to hold, bring, and hand me, dock lines.. She had a good time meeting everyone at the marina, and going dock to dock to get attention..( And treats.! )
With her brother Gilligan, they watch the sun come up, the fish jump, and the ducks play, near the docks.. But don't confuse her with the other gals, she does NOT like sun bathing..!
All in all, she has been a great help and a great dog to have around..On land or Sea, she's OK with ME..!"

SitStay Wag Your Tail Spotlight Follow Up - Featuring April

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