Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Dega

June 26, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Large brown bloodhound wearing a red and white polka dot bandanna around its neck

I would like for you to meet 832's Bodega Bay B, aka "Dega". She is part of a non profit organization called 832 Deputy Dogs. We raise and train bloodhounds for law enforcement. These dogs are gifted to the police agencies at little or no cost. The dogs are used exclusively to find lost children and adults as well as criminals.

Dega came into my life when she was 7 weeks old, she was my 2nd foster puppy.  It was my job to take her places such as stores, airports,play grounds, construction sites, anywhere there is a lot of noise and activity. Bloodhounds have a tendency to be shy so they need to be well socialized so that they can follow a track thru any environment.
  After fosteringDega for 7 months the dreaded day arrived when I had to return her to the kennel .  To my surprise the director told me they wanted to useDega as a breeder dog and asked if I wanted to keep her at my house.  She had become a big part of my life so without hesitation I took her back home with me.Dega has had 2 litters of healthy pups. Those puppies are now spread across the country with different police departments.  Several lives have been saved and numerous criminals tracked down thanks to those amazing pups. I am such a proud "grandma".

Dega retired as a breeding dog after her 2nd litter. I still felt like she could continue  to help people so I trained her to be a certified  therapy dog.  We made weekly visits to a local hospital whereDega greeted patients with a wagging tail. She was even allowed into the ICU. All the nurses loved to hug and pet her as much as the patients.  She had her own fan club.

Dega is officially retired now and spends her days lying on the couch or under her favorite pine tree in the yard.  She does get to help "break in" my new foster pups, we are now on number 6 and counting.

My life has been blessed with the opportunity to help raise these amazing dogs.Dega has been so special and we have a very strong bond, I am so proud of her. The picture ofDega was taken by one of the nurses at the hospital during one of our visits.