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Why Is My Dog Itching So Much?

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a white and brown jack russel itching his back on the grass

There are many reasons that your dog may be itching. This can be a problem that keeps both you and your dog awake all night. If your dog has suddenly started itching and you are trying to figure out what to do then this article is for you. This article contains all the reasons that your dog may be itching and what you can do to alleviate these problems.

Itching Could Be Due to a Psychological Issue

The reason your dog is itching could be a psychological issue. These issues include:

  1. Boredom: Some dogs will easily get bored and start licking and itching just to give themselves something to do. Your dog is not being stimulated mentally and physically
  2. Anxiety:Some dog will itch from separation anxiety. When their owners leave, they will become very stressed and itch themselves until sometimes they start to bleed. Your dog may also be very nervous about a change in their environment. They will itch as a nervous habit from all the changes around them.
  3. Pent-up energy: If your dog is not getting enough exercise, they may start to itch itself. This is their way of using up excessive energy stored up. Taking your dog for long walks or letting them run around the back yard more often will help use up some of this excessive amount of energy.
  4. Hormonal imbalances:Certain hormone imbalances can cause your dog to itch. Your veterinarian can examine your dog and run a blood test to see if there is a hormonal imbalance in your dog.

Could Be A Physical Response

There can also be something physically wrong with your dog that would cause your dog to itch. These physical problems are:

  1. Allergies: Some dogs can have allergies to certain things such as food, grass, mold, and pollen. These will cause your dog to be very itchy. You may even notice their skin red or has a foul odder.
  2. Dry skin: Your dog may be itching due to having dry skin. Things such as the weather can affect your dog’s skin. When it is very dry outside your dog also suffers from dry skin. Also, your dog may not be getting enough fatty acids in their diet. By adding fatty acids to your dog’s diet will help with their dry and itchy skin.
  3. Parasites: Some parasites can cause your dog to be very itchy. Common parasites that cause your dogs such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Some dogs are very allergic to these parasites and just one can cause them to be extremely itchy. Your veterinarian can help you diagnose a parasite infection and get you the appropriate medication to get rid of these unwanted parasites.
  4. Pain: Your dog may also be itching because they are in pain. If your dog has sprained or bruised their leg or body, they may itch these areas. Many times, your pet licking or scratching a certain location may be their way of telling you that they are hurt.

Treating An Itching Dog

When your dog is itching there are many different ways to treat their itching and scratching. At first, you need to figure out if your dog is itching due to a physical or mental problem. Once you determine the culprit then you can start figuring out what needs to be done to treat the problem.  

If A Psychological Problem

If the problem is psychological there are many things in your pet's life that you can change to help with their itching. By changing their routine, you can help alleviate boredom. Many dogs get bored with doing the same thing every day or going for the same walk every day. 

Change up their daily routine. Take a different path around the neighborhood or take them for a walk before dinner instead of after. These little changes in their daily routine will help decrease their boredom and stop them from itching.

By giving them plenty of exercises you will help them get rid of all the excessive energy.  This will also make them want to take more naps, so they are not getting bored. Giving them toys or puzzles to play with while you are gone will also help stimulate their brains and decrease boredom.

If your dog suffers from anxiety while you are gone there are supplements that can help. CBD products are great to give dogs who suffer from anxiety. These will help keep your dog calm and stress-free. By offering your dog CBD products every day you can help keep your dog's anxiety away.

If a Physical Problem

If your dog is having a physical problem causing them to itch more, a visit to the veterinarian will be needed to help determine the issue. Many times, these issues can be easily treated with medication or supplements.

Dogs who suffer from allergies can be given turmeric or CBD products to help with itchy skin. These products have been shown to help repair the natural skin barrier that is needed to help fight off the allergens from attacking the skin.

CBD or Omega can help dogs who have dry skin. Many times dry skin can be easily treated by supplementing Omega to your dog's diet. CBD products can also treat pain and inflammation that may be causing your dog to itch. If your dog is suffering from a parasite infestation, your veterinarian can get your dog medication to get rid of the parasites.  

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While an itchy dog can be very frustrating, there are many things that you can do to help. Many dogs will quickly return to normal once staring on medication or supplements.

CBD is a great product to give your dog for many different reasons. An itchy dog can greatly benefit from CBD products every day. These will help stop your dog’s itch and get them back to their healthy and happy life.

Meet The Author 

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM


Since she was a little girl, Dr. Ochoa knew that her dream was to become a veterinarian. With a tremendous passion and love for animals, she is now a great source of knowledge for others. Dr. Ochoa lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies: Ruby the Schnoodle and Bam-Bam the bunny.

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