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Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs


Cetyl M For Dogs

Response Products- Cetyl-M Joint Supplement for Dogs for Joint Relief:

Cetyl M is a product designed specifically for dogs with joint issues. The advanced product is great for active dogs with the same issues that need a little extra kick! The active ingredient in Cetyl M is Cetyl Myristoleate (don't let the long unpronounceable word scare you!). This cetyl m compound was very interestingly discovered when a chemist was studying a strand of mice that NEVER got arthritis! How amazing would that be for our dogs (and maybe ourselves to figure out the physiology behind this wonder)? Although not completely understood, this product has seen HUGE gains in pups of all sizes and ages! (Look down at a few testimonials and the video for more). This product is made in the USA (right here in Nebraska to be exact!)


Glucosamine-HCL (Shellfish Source) 250 mg
Cetyl Myristoleate (Plant & Animal Sources) 250 mg
Garlic Root 15 mg
Bromelain 10 mg
Ginger Root Extract 7.5 m

Other Ingredients: Lipase and Natural Liver and Roast Beef Flavoring.


For best results, we recommend you use the directions for Cetyl M for Dogs below as a guide. Always refer to the information on the label before using.

  • Initial Loading Period: An initial "loading dose" is recommended when starting out. Use 2 tablets per day per 25 lb of body weight for the first 4 to 6 weeks or until desired results are seen. You may wish to provide half the total daily dose in the morning and the other half in the evening.
  • Maintenance Period: Once results are indicated, switch to a maintenance schedule of one tablet per day per 25 lb of body weight. For more demanding conditions or older dogs, you may continue at the higher dosage level.
  • Provide the recommended amount of Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula at approximately the same times of day each day. Tablets can be administered on an empty stomach for more rapid absorption.
  • Monitor your dog's condition closely and adjust dosage level as may be necessary for optimum results.


"Our 10-year-old German shepherd, Meggie, had been dragging her back legs. She was leaving "dinosaur tracks" in our backyard, as my son called the drag marks she left from dragging her back legs. We tried several suggestions from our vet to no avail. Then one of our friends pointed us to your website. I purchased a bottle of Cetyl M. We started to see results after the first 24 hours! After less than a week, Meggie is running and chasing our collie around the yard. Wow! Thanks, Cetyl M."

“I have a 10-year-old half Chow male dog that was in very bad shape with hip problems. I saw Cetyl M® for dogs, bought some this month and he has really improved. He had to take shots for years due to his problem, but now he runs and plays like a puppy again. Thank you for making something that works for him. Bubba loves to take his pill every day; he knows it makes him feel better.”

 If your dog has joint issues, then you should certainly consider the Cetyl-M supplement for your dogs.