Blueberry & Cranberry Hemp Oil Edibites by Pet Releaf

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If you find your furry friend drooling over your breakfast smoothies, they’ll love Pet Releaf’s Original CBD-infused Blueberry & Cranberry Hemp Oil Edibites (Immunity Boost) For Dogs. These small immunity-boosting bites have been specially crafted with dried cranberries and organic blueberry powder packed into each bite-size supplement. With no fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives, these bites are a common choice among pet owners who have pups with a sensitive tummy because they may help support antioxidant function and normal bladder function.

Each of our CBD-infused Blueberry & Cranberry Hemp Oil Edibites is packed with 45 mg organic full-spectrum hemp extract per bag which contains 1.5 mg per chew as well as numerous terpenes and flavonoids that occur naturally in the plant. This full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from our specialized strain of hemp plants farmed in Eastern Colorado and may provide many of the health benefits associated with CBD for dogs. Get your pooch their own breakfast smoothie, so they can stop drooling over yours, and discover why Pet Releaf is the #1 trusted CBD brand for pets. Purchase your CBD-infused Blueberry & Cranberry Hemp Oil Edibites today.

Product Potency Composition — Small & Medium Breed (30 Edibites/bag)
Each Small & Medium Breed Edibite contains 1.5 mg being Active CBD
Each bag contains 45 mg being Active CBD