Luxe Pup Arctic Fur Pillow Dog Bed by PupIQ


Luxe Pup Arctic Fur Pillow Dog Bed features a beautifully soft and easy to clean faux fur. Treat your pup to the complete comfort, while also accenting your house with a trendy pattern. 

·  All our beds are made with Kevlar thread and double stitched to ensure that you will not have to replace anytime soon.

·  The covers are machine washable and easy for you to keep clean.

·  The cover can be easily removed with an extra-long zipper so you don’t have to fight with the bed. 

·  We use a high-quality AdaptaLoft cloud fluff in our beds to make sure your doggy is always comfortable and supported. 

·  Plus, we make is all here with precision in the USA. Accept no imitations!

luxe pup pillow bed size chart