NozToNoz n2 Series Sof Krate Replacement Cover


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  • Fits NoztoNoz N2 Soft Krate Frames
  • Easy to install
  • Available in Green

These are the complete outer shell for NoztoNoz Model n2 Sof Krate. Each cover contains all the cloth/mesh/zippers to replace a damaged shell and give you a usable crate once again. Please note: This is the cover only and does not include the metal framework.

NOTE: These n2 Series replacement covers CANNOT be used on X Series Sof Krates.

If you're looking for Noz to Sof Krate / Crates you can find them here.

Model and Size Chart

Model Pet Size Dimensions
n2-21 For pets up to 15 lbs 21"L x 15"W x 15"H
n2-26 For pets up to 30 lbs 26"L x 18"W x 21"H
n2-30 For pets up to 40 lbs 30"L x 21"W x 23"H
n2-36 For pets up to 70 lbs 36"L x 24"W x 27"H
n2-42 For pets up to 90 lbs 42"L x 28"W x 31"H