Plain Training Clickers (White Bottom/Color Thumb Side) [Minimum 20]

The Box Clicker is a great positive reinforcement training tool for pets including, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, horses, and MORE!
This is our loudest clicker. Perfect for training inside, outside, and at a distance.
These high-quality box clickers have white tops and solid color bottoms. The insert is stainless steel. Tab on the end allows you to attach a wrist coil or retractable for easy hands-free clicker training.

Clicker Training is an effective way to create a trusting bond between animals and humans.
Professional Dog Trainers love clicker training because it promotes positive reinforcement and force-free methods!
Get clicking TODAY!
  • Assorted colors
  • Plastic box design
  • Stainless steel insert
  • Keychain loop
  • Blank, no printing

    Made in the USA