The Clicker Company

SitStay Training Clicker

SitStay Training Clicker

  • Stainless steel clicker
  • Plastic box design
  • SitStay Logo (so you don't forget where you got it)
  • Keychain loop

Clicker training is easy and anyone can do it, even little children! We hear incredible stories every day from individuals who are clicker training. We've even created a few good stories of our own. Once you know the basics, you're on your way to a well behaved and happy dog.

Our clickers use stainless steel inserts to resist rust! The plastic box is made from high impact polystyrene...tough stuff!

CAUTION: If used incorrectly, you can teach bad behavior as quickly as good behavior. Please learn how and why clicker training works BEFORE you start. A clicker should not be used to "get the dog's attention" or "scare the dog when he's doing something wrong". If you don't use the clicker correctly, you can train slowness, disinterest, and fear to name just a few.

Clicker training is a purely positive way to train. Once you know the basics of clicker training, you can train your dog to do just about anything!

Made in the USA