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Easy Dog Bed - For Dogs of all Sizes

Clay Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece
Slate Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece
Stone Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece
Truffle Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece
Walnut Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece
Saddle Suede W/ Putty Berber Fleece

Maybe your pup is small with cute little legs that just can’t get up over a bolster.  Maybe your dog is big but just really creaky. In either case, our Easy dog bed makes getting into bed no big deal.  Better yet, it gives you and your pup a choice because it’s reversible as well!

The outer cover is made with a plush Berber style polyester fleece and our durable polyester faux suede.  You can set up the Easy so that the sleeping surface is fleece and the bolster is suede or reverse it to be the other way around.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

The removable outer cover of the Easy bed is machine washable and dryable. You can wash the SmartFill fiber inside the bolster of the Easy bed using our Mesh Refresh wash bag. The center cushion is a pad that can be hand washed and air dried.

With component parts available separately, this bed can be freshened up, whether you just want to try a new color or want to replace the center cushion after a lot of use. 

If your dog has incontinence issues, check out our Bomber waterproof liners for the Easy bed.

If you are having a hard time deciding which color to buy, we do sell our covers separately so you don't have to decide on only one color.  A back-up cover will also come in handy when it's time to wash the cover your dog has been using.

The bolster cushion is made of durable polyester fabric and filled with our SmartFill polyester fiber. The center pad is made of a recycled polyester material sewn around a recycled foam core.


  • Small – 25x32 inches outer dimensions, 19x21 inches sleeping area
  • Medium – 28x38 inches outer dimensions, 21.5x26 inches sleeping area
  • Large – 34x44 inches outer dimensions, 25x32 inches sleeping area