"Do Not Pet Service Dog" Ready-To-Wear Service Dog Starter Kit


"Do Not Pet" Ready-to-Wear Service Dog Starter Kit by SitStay

Your service dog has an important job. This job can be better done without the distraction of wandering hands. Finding a vest to keep well-intentioned dog lovers at bay can be difficult. At SitStay, it’s important to us that we make this process easier for you. That’s why we’ve put together a "Do Not Pet" service dog starter bundle that includes everything you might need at a reduced cost. We’ve hand-picked products that will help your service dog in their day to day work and reduced the amount of time you need to spend making decisions and searching for the right products. 

Your Service Dog Kit Will Include:

  • 1 Ready-to-Wear “Do Not Pet - Service Dog” Vest with Pockets
  • 1 Service Dog ID Card Personalized with your Dog’s Information
  • 25 Service Dog Definition and ADA Guideline Cards

    “Do Not Pet - Service Dog” Vest

    This service dog vest with pockets is our most popular style of vest. It has high-quality construction and comes in our most requested colors, red and blue. We have handpicked the “Do Not Pet I'm Working” patch and "Service Dog" patch that is ready to go right on the vest, as that is the easiest way to ensure your service dog can get their job done without distractions. This service dog vest really is ready to wear as soon as your order arrives.

    The number and placement of patches and zipper pockets vary depending on the size of the vest.

    Vest Features: 

    • Professionally sewn patches
    • Designed for lightweight comfort
    • Two layers of durable nylon
    • Release buckles are lightweight and heavy duty
    • Zippered pockets can store supplies and identification
    • Reflective strip for safety
    • Front strap goes over the head, back strap snaps securely around the rib cage
    • Hand wash, drip dry
    • Made in the USA

    Service Dog Sizing Information

    The most important thing you can do to make sure you order the right vest is to measure your dog using these instructions.

    Use a soft fabric measuring tape. Measure all the way around the rib cage, full circle. Just like a saddle fits a horse. Your dog must be standing.

    Dimensions of the Service Dog Vests for Sale:

    • Tiny: 13-16 inches (Yorkshire Terrier, Silky Terrier, Papillon, Maltese, Toy Poodle, Miniature Chihuahua)

    NOTE: If you have a really small dog, the Tiny vest can be altered to fit. Cut a strip out and sew it back together with a sewing machine. This will allow you to go down to a 9-inch girth.

    • Extra Small: 16-23 inches (Large Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Dachshund)
    • Small: 23-29 inches (Beagle, Australian Shepherd, German Shorthair, Weimaraner)
    • Medium: 29-35 inches (American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Pit Bull)
    • Large: 35-39 inches (German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Sheepdog)
    • Extra Large: 39-45 inches (Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound) 

    Service Dog Identification Card

    ID Cards are not required by federal law but can be very useful when going out in public spaces.

    With your Service Dog Starter Kit, you will receive one high-quality 2-15/16 x 4-1/8 identification card with a hole punch for lanyard or alligator clip. (Lanyard and clips sold separately.)

    Our Service Dog ID Cards are customizable. We can complete them with you and your dog’s information. Simply enter your dog's name, your name, city, state and phone number. Include a photo of your dog as well for a personalized touch. We’d recommend using a headshot style image.

    There is also a QR code linking to the ADA guidelines.

    All information, except for the microchip number, is required.

    Service Dog Definition & ADA Guideline Cards

    This service dog information card is a simple tool for service dog owners to use when entering a business. These cards were designed to ease the burden of having to remember and relay the federal guidelines that go along with owning a service dog.

    With your service dog bundle, you will receive 25 cards. This service dog card measures 3.5" x 2", the same size as a standard business card. This card is designed to fit easily in the pockets of your new service dog vest.

    Service Dog Definition - Side One

    On one side of this card, it says "I'm a Service Dog"   This side also has a toll free phone number to the U.S. Department of Justice should the business owner have any questions.

    ADA Guidelines for Service Dogs - Side Two

    On the flip side of the card is a summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to Service Dogs. It outlines the questions businesses can ask about a service animal and which questions they can’t ask you.

    Please Note: It is fraudulent to represent your dog as a service animal if it is not. Check out our service dog information page for more information.

    Expedited Orders & Production Time

    Expedited orders must be placed before 11:00 AM CST to be shipped in a timely manner. Vests are custom-made per order and require 24-hours for production time. does not ship on weekends. For a full list of shipping information and production times please visit our Shipping Page.