Patch, Please Don't Pet Me - For Service Dogs

Our round patch, red and black in color, states: "PLEASE DON'T PET ME, I'M WORKING".

This is perfect for service dogs whose owners constantly find themselves telling people to please not pet them. 

Dimensions:  3.5 inches wide

  • Most people use two, one on each side (except on Tiny and X-Small)
  • Patches are sold each, not pairs
  • These are NOT iron on patches. We suggest sewing them or using Rhino Glue to attach them to your vest.

They can be used individually or in combination with other patches. These are not iron on patches. They will need to either be either glued or sewn onto the vest.  Hand sewing is recommended if the patch is being applied to the pocket area of the vest.

We do offer Ready-To-Wear vests that have patches already pre-sewn.

The Tiny and X-Small jackets do not have enough space for the round patches to be placed on the side. Instead, you can place one round patch in the middle on the back. Patches are sold each, not pairs. There are no rules that dictate where or how many patches should be on a vest. Most people use two of each patch, one for each side.

If you find yourself constantly saying, "Please don't pet my service dog", this Please Don't Pet Me Patch is the perfect solution. 

We offer a full line of assistance dog equipment which includes dog vests and working dog patches. Individuals may order these items from our dog vest and patch store.