Affinity Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Fathom Gray


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A great dog bed that offers comfort for your dog along with giving a stylish accent to any room. 

The made in the USA high-quality True Cool® visco memory foam is sure to keep your dog comfortable through any season. The bed is made with high tech fabrics that will keep it cleaner longer, won't smell, and requires less washing. That means less maintenance for you! Along with keeping your dog at a balanced temperature, it gives orthopedic support that improves joint health as well as providing maximum durability, giving you and your dog a bed that lasts longer. 


made in the USA




MEDIUM 24"D x 33"L x 4"H

LARGE 30"D x 40"L x 4"H 

XLARGE 32"D x 48"L x 5"H

SXLARGE 37"D x 55"L x 5"H