BuddyRest Lynx Dog Armour Blanket

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✔ Soft, Vegan Faux Fur provides super soft comfort

✔ Waterproof to keep any messes contained

✔ Machine Washable blanket makes cleanup a breeze

✔ Extra Fluffy to keep your dog feeling safe and secure

✔ 100 Day / 100% Money Back Guarantee in case your pup doesn't love it

While your dog enjoys a new level of comfort and warmth, you get mess-proof peace of mind, even if once in a while he sleeps on your bed. Our new Lynx Dog Armour™ Blanket is 100% soft and luxurious and 100% waterproof! This super-soft blanket is constructed with our Dog Armour™ membrane, a barrier that keeps the dry side dry. This is a blanket unlike any you've tried before.