DOGLine Adjustable Mesh Muzzle


DogLine makes wonderful products.

This muzzle is made of a lightweight yet durable nylon material with a very well ventilated mesh snout.

Fully adjustable, you can easily get a perfect fit by adjusting the width of the circumference and holding the strap.

Perfect for vet visits, grooming or short term wear.

To get a correct and comfortable fit, please measure the circumference of the snout around eyes (at its widest point)

N0101 Size 1 Snout Circumference 5"-8" Fits: Pekingnese, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Spaniel or similar breeds

N0102 Size 2 Snout Circumference 7"-10" Fits: Labrador, Dobermann, German Shepherd or similar breeds

N0103 Size 3 Snout Circumference 9"-13" Fits: Rottweiler, Cane Corso, St. Bernard or similar breeds