Yakima Camp Umber Pet Napper by Carolina Pet Company

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The Pet Napper by Carolina Pet Company is one of the premier beds in regards to comfort for your dog. Camp blankets were first designed to meet the rigorous demands of the wild and untamed Pacific Northwest. A favorite of the early sheepherders in the Northwest, Carolina Pet Company has taken these great patterns and translated them into the Pendleton Pet® collection. Luxurious 370 GSM non-shearing berber with rich 240 GSM faux suede reverse. 100% recycled high loft polyester fill made from recycled soda bottles. This bed allows your dog to fully spread out on a visually appealing bed, that would fit in any room of your house.

The Yakima Camp Umber Pet Napper is a part of the Pendleton Pet® collection.

The cover is removable for easy care and has a durable faux suede bottom. Machine washable.