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Working Dog Vests and Accessories

Working Dog Vest FAQs

What kind of vest should I get for a Therapy Dog?

There is no "perfect choice" for the vest to get for a Therapy Dog. But, we can offer some help on where to start! The first thing is to find a vest that suits both you and your working dog's needs. If you'd like the vest to be easily put on and taken off, a Cape Style Vest is the best choice. Make sure you get the sizing correct when you order so the vest stays on securely and comfortably. A Cape Style Vest with Pockets is an extra step towards the perfect vest for a Therapy Dog. The small zippered pockets offer storage for essentials like your working dog's ID card or waste bags.

Depending on your need, you may want to get patches that can help clearly communicate that your dog is a working dog, and other helpful information such as "Ask to Pet Me." Considering there are plenty of patch options to add to your dog's vest, it can be a bit overwhelming. We've put together a ready-to-wear Therapy Dog Vest starter pack that comes with everything you need for your Therapy Dog, including a vest, "Therapy Dog" patches, an "Ask to Pet Me" patch, a personalized Dog ID card, and 25 Therapy Dog definition and information cards!

What is the best vest for an Emotional Support Animal?

The best vest for an Emotional Support Animal is one that will clearly display that your dog is an ESA dog leaving no room for confusion! We've put together a ready-to-wear Emotional Support Animal starter pack that comes with the essentials for an ESA dog, including a mesh vest, 2 "Emotional Support" patches, and a personalized Dog ID card! This pack makes the choosing process easy if you're not sure where to start.