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Manage your AutoShip

Log into your account on the top right of the website

red box around the login button for autoship

Once you have logged in, click on "Manage Subscriptions on the left side".

black arrow pointing at red manage subscriptions button


Add products to Current AutoShip

Currently Unavailable : Please call us at 402-467-3426

Changing Frequency

In the Manage Subscriptions page, click "Every X Month" and change to your desired frequency within the pop up.

red box around every 1 month(s) frequency of autoship

Changing Products

To change the frequency and variant of the product, a flavor for example, open your “Subscriptions" tab and click the "Edit" button to the right of the relevant product.

Auto Ship information

Skip A Delivery


In the Manage Subscriptions Page click "Order #X" then click which order you wish to skip

red box around order #1 subscription order number

Update Your Delivery Address


In the Manage Subscriptions Page, click "Manage" then click "Update Address"

red box around manage and update address

Update Your Payment Details

In the Manage Subscriptions page, click "Manage" then click to "View/Update Card" You may edit your payment details in the pop up 

red box around manage and view/update card

Cancel an AutoShip


In the Manage Subscriptions page, click "Manage" then click "Cancel Order". When the confirmation pop up appears, click "OK".

Remember you can always skip orders or change the frequency if your current setup is not working for you! 

red box around manage and cancel order