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Healing Heart Therapy Dog

"Healing hearts one at a time."

Located in Crete, Nebraska, Healing Heart Therapy Dogs volunteers visit people in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living centers, hospice programs, inpatient and outpatient mental health programs, community center, schools, college campuses and many other settings.

Healing Heart Therapy Dogs Teams serve as a bridge to help develop a caring relationship with children and adults in many settings.

Learn more about Healing Heart Therapy Dogs by visiting their website.

What products do I need?


Healing Heart asks that you purchase the forest green, cape style vest with pocket in the size that best fits your dog's girth. Please purchase the blank one as Healing Heart will embroider their logo on the vest. 

SitStay Cape Style Service Dog Vest with Pockets For Healing Heart Therapy Dog


Patches can be purchased from SitStay or Healing Heart will also have some available. The circular "Ask To Pet Me, I'm Friendly" patch is 3.5" in diameter and can be found here.

SitStay Ask To Pet Me I'm Friendly Therapy Dog Patch

The other patch you will need is a half-circle (sometimes called a "rocker") that says "Therapy Dog" which can be found here.

SitStay Therapy Dog Patch

How do I measure my dog's girth?

The best method to measure your dog's girth is while they are standing to wrap a tape measurer behind their front legs. 


Where can I get these?

These products may be purchased online here at SitStay.com 



The vests are custom-made to order so if they do not have one one-hand at the time we will get it made and contact you once production is complete. 

Is there a discount?

Yes! Healing Heart customers receive a 10% off their order discount with the coupon code HHT10. You may use this coupon online, or in the store to help with outfitting your therapy dog.