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KLIMB Pro Accessory Kit by Blue-9 Pet Products

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Want all of the KLIMB Accessories wrapped up into one kit? You've hit the jackpot! 
This kit features:

KLIMB Traction Mat: Our experts developed a perfect fit rubber mat that can be placed on your KLIMB platform to ensure a slip-free surface. 

KLIMB Sure Feet: We've included two sets of our sure feet to use on the top and bottom of your KLIMB when legs are not installed. Use on the top holes of your KLIMB to prevent puppy feet from falling in. Use on the bottom of your KLIMB for a slip-free base.

KLIMB 6" Short Legs: Use these short legs for an overall height of 6 inches. This KLIMB setup is great for puppies, senior dogs, and canine fitness exercises.  

KLIMB Strap: Our KLIMB Strap is used for extra security short leg storage. 

KLIMB Accessories