Soothe Anti-Anxiety Weighted Dog Blanket by BuddyRest

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The Soothe™ anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket is the perfect answer to calm any anxious doggo. The Soothe blanket provides a soothing soft pressure that helps calm anxiety and overexcitement in dogs.

Based on the same technology used for humans, the Soothe blanket provides the comfort and reassurance your pup needs to stay happy and healthy.  The Soothe™ blanket comes in three sizes and the large is big enough for large dogs and even humans. 

This veterinarian recommended dog blanket is sure to promote calmness and help relieve anxiety for dogs and people everywhere. With one side made of our k9 suede paired with a super soft fleece on the other.

These blankets are made in the USA and machine washable. They feature the same quality craftsmanship that our beds are known for. 

Medium- 40" x 30" -3lbs.- for small to medium size dogs

Large- 45" x 40" -5lbs.- for large dogs and humans

XLarge- 72" x 48" -8lbs.- for really large dogs and humans

Soothe Weighted Blanket Size Chart