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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

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When a dog walks into a room, they tend to gravitate to the person they’ve labeled as theirs. Dogs can be possessive over toys, food, and especially towards the person they’ve deemed their favorite person. But, have you ever wondered how dogs choose their favorite person? You wouldn’t be the first person to ask yourself this, and there are a few particular ways in which dogs choose who is most special to them. If you’re your dog's favorite person, chances are, you check off all these boxes in your dog’s mind.

how do dogs choose their favorite person

Dogs love attention—and their favorite person might be the person giving them the most of it!

If you and your dog share a bond that defies words, then you are likely to give your dog the much-deserved attention they crave. Dogs thrive off of praise, and the person who doles out the most to them just might be the one person in their life they choose to claim as their personal favorite. Like cats, dogs are opportunistic by nature, so if you’re the one to dole out those treats and fill that food bowl whenever their little heart desires then you might be the reason you’re their favorite person, too.

how do dogs choose their favorite person

Repeat positive associations can help a dog choose their favorite person

Your dog’s mind is quite impressive, and some dog breeds are praised by many for their impressive smarts. Positive associations are a big thing for dogs, and when repeating positive behaviors transforms into daily habits, a dog will learn not only to trust this human, but also learn that these positive associations will want to keep them coming back for more. Dogs can quickly become fearful of negative experiences, and experiences are how they shape their personality and learn to trust others—both humans and animals alike. If you get your dog when they are a puppy, their mind is very impressionable, and they will likely imprint on the person whom they feel most connected to in those early life bonding experiences. 

how do dogs choose their favorite person

Dogs are social creatures and can gravitate to the person who offers them this key element in their lives

Socialization is key for dogs and this is how they learn to develop bonds with other beings. If you are the one who is making a conscious effort to socialize the dog in your life, they will be quick to not only appreciate this but also to favor that specific person. The person who walks the dog or takes the dog to play at the dog park will fast become the dog’s favorite person because you are the one offering them the much-needed enrichment that they need. Enrichment and mental stimulation are huge for dogs, and dogs who do not receive this can suffer from boredom and loneliness. A dog that is lonely and bored can transform into a dog that displays naughty dog behaviors—but keep in mind, if they are not getting what they need from their humans this is at no fault of their own.

how do dogs choose their favorite person

Dogs can choose their favorite person based on matching personalities

Your dog is smarter than you might realize. If you share your home with multiple dogs, it can be interesting to observe who each of your dogs gravitates towards in your home. Like humans, dogs have distinct personalities. And while breeds of dogs can share similar traits, no two canines are ever going to be truly identical. The little quirks our dogs display make our hearts happy. Dogs will often observe the humans in their lives and choose a person they feel most connected to based on their interactions with them. For example, if you have a tiny lap dog who loves to snuggle, they might be more drawn to the person in their home who likes to binge-watch television shows with cozy blankets on the couch. If you have a dog that’s on the hyper side, they could be more drawn to the active person in their home who takes them for hikes or long walks daily. Dogs form strong bonds with people in their homes, and shared experiences that make them feel connected to their humans is how many dogs choose their favorite person.

how do dogs choose their favorite person

Signs you are your dog’s favorite person

Your dog doesn’t possess the ability to pen you a card professing their adoration for their BFF, but there are telltale signs you can spot. If you are your dog’s favorite person, here are the signs that will let you know you’re their chosen one:

  • Your dog sleeps with you at night
  • Your dog follows you to the bathroom
  • Your dog is always near you whenever you’re at home
  • Your dog gives you the butt wiggle when they see you
  • Your dog makes eye contact with you

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