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How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

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black pug puppy chewing on sneaker

Just like human babies, dogs use their mouths and chewing as a way to learn their environment and this is necessary for when a puppy is teething. but a chewing habit can carry on to adulthood and this is a bad problem, in this blog learn tips that could keep your belongings bite mark free!

Why do they chew?

small beige puppy chewing on cord

Chewing is a way for dogs to either entertain, cope, or warn themselves or their family and each one should be handled separately before a dog will stop chewing.

As puppies, chewing is a way to play, learn, and explore with their world. A lot of times puppies learn how to not bite hard through their litter-mates playing together. If one nips too hard the other will yelp and this will alert the puppy that he went too far. But chewing on items is harder because they need to chew to soothe teething pains.

As dogs grow they should learn what to chew and what to avoid but this is not always the case and there are a couple of things that can cause this.

First, it could be just boredom, the dog might not have enough stimulant to keep them entertained through toys or exercise.

black pug puppy chewing on sneaker

Another could be separation anxiety, certain dogs get a little anxious when their companion leaves and as a coping strategy, they start chewing away.

Sometimes dogs get pain and they don't have any way of relieving it so they chew as a method to forget or distract them. Or if they don't want to be pet they may try to chew your hand lightly as a sign.  

The last one I will cover is that a dog may just not know right from wrong, as a puppy if they were given a shoe to play with they may see shoes as toys or if you give them a plank of wood they might view cabinets as a fair game.

All of these are possibilities as to why dogs may be chewing, however, they also all have ways to correct their habits

How to stop a dog from chewing.

brown and white dog chewing on orange toy

There are many ways to stop a dog from chewing and I will cover a few simple ways to get your dog to stop chewing.

1. The first method is simple just make sure your dog is getting more than enough exercise and has plenty of toys. If they are well worn out they will be calmer during their alone time and if they do feel the need to chew or play they need toys that they can identify as OK to play with.

2. Next may seem obvious but make sure to puppy and dog proof your house or apartment. Many pet parents leave objects, wires, and shoes out and then wonder why they get chewed up. If it's out of reach and sight of a dog there is a far greater chance of it surviving a chewing attack.

3. Another popular method is the use of bad tasting sprays and repellents, these will make whatever you want taste unpleasant to a dog and they will learn real quick that they don't like chewing where you've sprayed.

small beige dog playing tug with rope

If your dog still won't stop chewing or you know it is separation anxiety it may be wise to get professional help from either a  trainer or your veterinarian in order to get the best help for your furry friend.

Chewing can be an annoying and bothersome habit for some dogs, hopefully, this blog helped you in the right direction to prevent your dog from chewing on things.

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