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Why Orthopedic Dog Beds Are Good For A Dog's Health

Small dog in an orthopedic bed on a lazy day

You might not be aware of it, but your dog sleeps for around 12 hours a day. It makes sense that you will want the right bed for him. Lots of dog owners think that dogs are pretty easy-going; that they will be happy to curl up and sleep just anywhere. But that’s not the case at all. A dog shouldn’t really be sleeping on a floor. OK, some people don’t want their dogs sleeping on the sofas and beds. But the truth of the matter is, he needs a bed in much the same way you and other humans need a bed.

Benefits of a bed (preferably the orthopedic type bed)

  • A dog needs a place of his own. Just like tiny little pups feel safe and secure with Mom in the beginning, when they leave for a new home, they need a place that they feel safe and secure too. This doesn’t change as a pup grows into an adult. A dog needs his place where he can retreat to – and if you provide him with a place of his own to sleep, then he probably won’t sleep where you don’t want him to. To ensure your dog uses his bed, you also need to get the right size.
  • It’s good for his health because sleeping on a cold floor or other cold hard surfaces can damage your dog’s health. Orthopedic beds go so far as to help in easing the pain and discomfort of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other structural ailments, particularly for the older dog which is prone to these conditions.
  • Cleanliness: Even though you sweep and wash and polish, a floor doesn’t stay clean for long. Having his own bed will keep your dog clean and healthier too; away from food, dust, and dirt that collect on a floor in a short space of time. A lot of beds come with removable type liners that make them easy to clean.

While we are here on the subject of providing for your dog, there are many reasons why dogs end up at shelters. It is because owners don’t understand that owning a pet takes, love, care, responsibility, training, and money and time. If you don’t understand this about owning a pet and providing the best for him,read on here.

What constitutes an “orthopedic” bed for your dog?

Wikipedia defines it as a mattress “designed to support the joints, back, and overall body.”

Real orthopedic beds come with visco elastic, high-quality memory foam bonded to support foam. The foam needs to be 4lb. or above in order to fully conform to the body. It also needs to be bonded to a lower layer of supporting foam (otherwise dogs will sink to far in).

Only memory foam dog beds are able to evenly distribute your dog’s weight, offering balance and firm support each time he gets up and flops down on his bed. Beware of cheap quality foam beds that claim to be orthopedic.

Orthopedic beds lessen the chances of your dog developing bed sores from prolonged periods of lying down. It, therefore, reduces pain and stiffness, encouraging healing and increasing circulation.

Advanced orthopedic beds recently created by the leader in the industry BuddyRest, promise, even more, including mobility help for older dogs.

Foam-filled orthopedic dog beds are ideal for larger, heavier dogs. They are thicker, especially the single slabs of foam ones. They last longer and offer more support.

For cleanliness of the dog bed, there are many beds that have covers on them that can be removed for machine washing. You would clean the foam mattresses by lightly spraying with a mixture of vinegar and water – this gets rid of any lingering odors. The sun, too, is a great antimicrobial agent, but you just have to be careful as it can damage the foam if left for too long.

Features to look out for when choosing an orthopedic bed

  • Waterproof material
  • Removable cover
  • Thick solid Memory foam
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Size

Here are some examples of good orthopedic beds

Sold out
Sold out

Where to place the orthopedic bed

This is a very important aspect of a dog’s bed. If the dog was used to sleeping beside the couch, for instance, that’s where his new orthopedic bed needs to be. If it’s a whole new concept for your dog, place the bed in a place where he often sleeps or in a place in your bedroom if he sleeps in your room. Always place his bed away from cold areas and drafts. Some dogs love their bed in a quiet spot while others seem able to snooze in the midst of all the activity around them. One vet suggests that dog owners curl up on the bed for about 15 minutes so the dog can recognize the smell of his owner and recognize home. Another good idea is to toss some of his favorite toys onto his bed until he gets used to the bed as his own. This all helps him to understand the bed is his!

Let your sleeping dog lie

If you want to go cheap on your dog’s bed, you will find in the long run, it will just be a big waste of money. Dogs nibble, scratch and might even try and drag their bed to another place.

An orthopedic bed needs to be stain resistant, durable and possibly come with washable covers. We have listed some excellent beds above.

When it comes to arthritis in your dog, an orthopedic bed has been designed to help a dog with an orthopedic issue; they are recommended by many veterinarians, and usually, are not the normal cotton stuffing beds that you normally see.

An orthopedic bed helps the dog to stand up easily, offering them support in doing so. Something too soft which allows your dog to sink into without pushing him upwards is not the best choice. It is a common misconception that a softer bed helps arthritis. The truth is that it allows the heaviest part of the dog to sink in which creates a misalignment of his joints, which results in pain.

Speaking of orthopedic dog beds and dogs with arthritis, some greatholistic optionsto help decrease his pain from arthritis are:

  • CBD Cannabidiol derived from hemp plants
  • Coconut oil for pain and inflammation in the joints
  • Turmeric, for pain and inflammation
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It really is hard to put a price on your dog’s health, no matter whether they are old, big, young, and small. Investing in an orthopedic bed will benefit them all around. They might not be the cheapest but isn’t your dog worth his weight in gold? You better believe it!

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