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10 Summer Tips to Protect Fido this Summer

yellow lab reaching for a tennis ball in a pool with one paw, the text 10 tips to protect Fido this summer is displayed to the right of the dog

Summer brings opportunities for family get-togethers, traveling, and soaking up some rays, but it's also a dangerous season for dogs. From parasites to water to fireworks, there's a lot of dangers that you need to be mindful of as a dog owner. Here are 10 tips to protect Fido this summer:

1). Avoid Heat Stroke
Don't leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. Cars can heat up quickly even with the windows cracked. A muzzled dog will really have a difficult time trying to cool himself.

2). Prevent Parasites
Consult with your veterinarian about parasite prevention. You may be able to ward off mosquitoes, worms and ticks with products like:

  • collars
  • sprays
  • prescription medications
  • dips
  • shampoos

3). Stay Hydrated
Dogs always need access to cool water. You may want to switch to wet food. Chicken or beef broth frozen in ice cube trays make a satisfying treat, too.

4). Love the Leash
Your dog may be confused or scared by new locations and experiences. Keep his collar and leash on at all times, and keep identification tags on collars in case he sneaks off.

5.)  Beware of Fireworks
The booming sounds fireworks create may leave your dog anxious or aggressive, which is why it is important to keep Fido on a short leash, and make sure he doesn't mistake fireworks for toys.

6.) Prevent Paw Burns
Your dog's paw pads are highly sensitive. They can burn on beach sand, cement, and asphalt. Take your dog for walks in the cooler early mornings or late evenings.

7.) Avoid Pesticides
Even supposed pet-friendly pesticides may cause your dog harm. Be cautious, and avoid treated lawns and gardens all-together.

8.)  Avoid Mushrooms
Symptoms of mushroom poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and coma. If your dog ingests a mushroom, try to bring a piece of it or others like it in a plastic baggie to your vet's office for identification. Mushrooms can be deadly.

9.) Use Vests
Your dog may be a great swimmer, but he can experience exhaustion. Keep a brightly colored safety vest on him in water.

10.) Beware of Blue-Green Algae
Lakes and ponds with blue-green algae are toxic to dogs. Once Fido ingests the water, he could get severely sick. 

Protect Fido this summer by following preventative measures. Leashes, ID tags, and other safety devices may be life-savers. Like you, your dog needs to stay cool, hydrated, and keep away from toxic products and areas so he can enjoy summer safely!