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What You Need To Know Before Bringing Your Dog To Work

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Studies indicate that bringing your dog to work can help ease work-related stress and boost morale. But before putting that leash on your dog’s neck and taking them to your workplace, here are a few things you might have to consider.

Your Workplace Dog Policy

Although there is a rising wave of companies that allow their employees to take their dogs along to the workplace, some do not allow dogs. This could be because the management feels they may infringe health codes or could be a form of distraction to workers. So before taking your dog along to your workplace, be sure to check the workplace pet policy.

In addition, some business premises such as hotels and stores may not be dog-friendly. Please be sure to call such locations before taking your dog.

Your Dog’s Personality and Training

Your dog's overall behavior and training will influence how well they react to your work environment. Some dogs are reasonably calm and can easily handle adjustments. However, if new places and people easily perturb your dog, he or she may become tense and upset, making having them at work not very enjoyable.

Consider Your Co-Workers

While your company may allow pets in the workplace, not everyone would be in agreement with you bringing your dog in the workplace. So before bringing your dog alone to the office, confirm with the management to identify if anyone is allergic, phobic, or against bringing dogs to the workplace.

Check Your Insurance

Even the most obedient dog could become hostile in a new setting or around other pets. It is therefore important that you be covered in case your dog acts out. In addition, your dog must be properly licensed and vaccinated.

Consider Your Dogs Needs

Just like humans, dogs need special attention too. If you take your dog to work, factor in some time in your schedule to take him out for walks. Also, be sure to bring with you a doggie-bag. Include some food treats, pet-safe disinfectant, plastic baggies for dog poop, and toys. You can also consider having a portable kernel to keep your pooch safe and restrained.

Your dog can add the much-needed aspect of affection and warmth to the workplace. The above factors will help you have the greatest benefit of having your canine friend by your side all day in the office.

Meet The Author 

Grant Withers

Canine Specialist & Writer

Grant is an award-winning writer for SitStay with a passion for pets and especially dogs! Grant loves writing about furry little goofballs and aims to educate pet parents about anything and everything regarding their dogs.

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