How Hot is Your Car?

July 01, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

small dog in grayscale looking at the camera sitting in the driver's seat of a car. The text of how hot is your car is displayed to the left of the dog, on a red background

Summer months mean lots of things, camping, swimming, pools, picnics, endless outdoor activities. But, it also means that a car has become a very dangerous place to leave a dog (also applies to children!).  The Animal Protection Institute & conducted a study in a number of situations during hot temperatures. They took temperatures on 2 thermometers, both inside and outside the car, and also added elements like what the temperature was like with 2 windows cracked and 4 windows cracked. To humans, these temperatures may not seem too bad, but what we can forget is that a dog’s skin is very different than ours. Dogs only sweat out of their paw pads, and in most cases, have much more hair and fur to add to the heat.

Leaving a dog in a car for even a few minutes can result in severe heat exhaustion, and the high body temperature can cause liver damage, brain damage, seizures, increased heart rate, or worst case scenario, death.

We have provided 2 files below to help raise awareness about the dangers:

1) “How Hot is Your Car” Poster – 8.5×11 – Download the file, print it off and hang it on community boards throughout your area

Download Here

2) “It’s Hot! Leave Fido at Home!” Cards – This file contains 4 mini-posters. Keep them in your car, and when you see an animal in a hot car, leave the flyer on the windshield for the owner, or go inside the store to try and find the owner by having an employee page the license plate number.

Download Here