Healthy Chicken Jerky Alternatives

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From the very first day our four-legged friends enter our lives, it is our responsibility to provide the love, environment and nutrition they need to live happy & healthy lives. The nutritional responsibility is much more difficult than it should be due to limited regulations of pet food packaging. Manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin for ingredients on pet food labels; a challenge that has both the FDA and the USDA on their toes.

Know Your Suppliers & Brands is one of many great dog supplies retailers. Although we don't know a lot about the others we do take pride in working side by side with our pets and the products we share with others. Our arms reach from the product mirrors to the arms reach relationships we keep with our manufacturers. This benefits our customers in many ways including quality assurance, recommendations, shared passion and knowledge of the products we promote. Does it make us perfect? Nah, we're real people, too.

Read the Packaging

Although there may be limitations on what is required on pet food labels, those that are proud of where their products are rooted shout it all over their bags. Ingredients speak a thousand words, understand your dog's needs and make good decisions. Another important identifier on the packaging is the price. Cheap is cheap. Quality has it's price tag and can usually feed your gut with a bit more of the instinct that also goes along with purchasing products.

Ask Questions

I am pretty sure this was also something we learned in kindergarten but it can never be reiterated enough. Quality retailers and manufacturers spend much of their time wishing they could chat more with pet owners. Reach out, ask questions, get knowledgeable. 

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Kendall Abbott obtained her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Kansas, she then went on to pursue her education and love for animals by attending the Animal Behavior College. Kendall began her professional career as an animal care technician for the Kansas Humane Society. After finishing school Kendall followed her passion for dog training and took a position with Beyond The Dog. After 5 years she then left to focus on being a freelance dog trainer.