A Special way to celebrate National Grandparents Day

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Kendall Abbott author of A Special way to celebrate National Grandparents Day

For anyone who has grandparents, finding that special way to celebrate the impact grandparents' have had on their lives can be a monumental task. It doesn't have to be. Do you want to give your grandparents a special treat this September? Are you a grandparent who wants to create a one-of-a-kind experience to share with your grandchild? Here are a few options that may turn celebrating National Grandparents Day into a timeless and unforgettable expression of love.

Crossing the Age Divide

Over five million households are home to grandparents who live with their grandchildren. The seemingly wide age gap between child and older adults can be a formidable one. Communication and understanding of a grandchild or grandparent's differing likes or interests may not come easily to either age group. Don't lose hope! Below are some special activities that grandparents and grandchildren can partake in together to form a lasting bond and have fun while doing it!

1. Journalist for a Day- Getting to know your grandparent or grandchild interview-style can be an experience that says: "I care because I want to know more about you." Whether the grandparent or grandchild creates the questions and does the interview or both, having a list of questions and open ears at the ready may be exactly the gift both grandchild and grandparent are longing for!

2. Grandparents Show & Tell- Let your grandchildren experience the thrill in treasure hunting. Filling a box with special trinkets from your childhood, knick-knacks, shells, ticket stubs, even old coins and letting your grandchild discover the meaning behind each one can inspire much more precious moments! 

3. No Parents Allowed- How about having a special day for you and your loved ones to share parent-free? Whether you are an older grandchild who wants to take your grandparents out on the town or you're a grandparent who wishes to share quality time with the grandchildren, you can create memories without parents running interference!

4. Getting Crafty- Dust off the art kit and capture a memory in a picture. Whatever the medium, grandparents and grandchildren can spend the day utilizing their inner art diva to create self-portraits of each other and celebrate National Grandparents Day in full color. After all, a picture is worth at least a thousand words!

Celebrate National Grandparents Day in your own unique way and build on a special relationship that can last a lifetime!

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