Are there color recommendations for Service Dog equipment and gear?

November 25, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

Are there color recommendations for Service Dog equipment and gear?

Service dogs have numerous responsibilities. To make their job easier they may need equipment that functions well in a variety of settings. From vests to special leashes that help service dogs do their duty and do it well, there are many options available to the owner and their service dog to better their day-to-day experience. Along the same lines, there is a multitude of color options for gear or equipment that owners and their furry counterparts can choose from. Is there a better or better yet "best" choice of color for your extra special helper to wear on-duty?

Color Coordinated

There is no specific requirement or even recommendation for what color is best for your well-trained helper. The most popular colors of equipment in the service dog line-up are red, blue or forest green. No service dog is required to wear special gear, but many service dog owners choose to dress their pets service pet garb. Some owners use special service gear out of necessity to ensure their service dog has what they need to perform their tasks more efficiently. 

Gear Options

Here are some different types of service dog accouterments that are currently trending in the service dog world:

  • Cape harnesses
  • Cape vests
  • Pulling harnesses
  • Mobility/brace harnesses

More general colors for service dog gear range from gray, to orange or even pink. Dog harnesses have a multitude of colors to choose from--even tie-dye. Whatever the color or style---professional or casual, it's the right choice for your professionally-trained and talented canine companion!