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What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

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As a pet owner, the chances are you’ve spotted CBD oil products on the shelves. You may be curious about the amazing benefits CBD oil can have on your pet’s symptoms. But you may also be nervous about giving your dog CBD as it’s often associated with cannabis.

Whether your dog experiences chronic pain, the aches of aging, or is simply prone to allergies, CBD might be your savior. However, when choosing a CBD oil product, there are several things you’ll need to consider. The risks of administering the wrong CBD product to your pet could be fatal, so keep reading to learn which CBD oil is best for dogs.

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

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CBD (Cannabidiol) is an oil derived from either themarijuana or hemp plants. This naturally occurring oil boasts some incredible health benefits for humans as well as dogs. Although CBD oil is generally considered safe and non-addictive for humans, it doesn’t mean that all CBD oil is safe for canine consumption.

The key difference between hemp and marijuana-sourced CBD oil is the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes addiction. CBD sourced from marijuana can contain up to 10% THC. THC can be very dangerous to dogs, even in very small doses. That’s why you should always buy hemp-derived CBD products for your pooch.

Due to the lack of THC, hemp-sourced CBD oil does not invoke the ‘high’ commonly associated with cannabis. In fact, CBD oil is a natural relaxant. It helps your pup with symptoms of pain, tension, and insomnia. The benefits of CBD oil are endless, keep reading to make sure you know all the details before administering CBD to your canine companion.

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How does CBD work in the dog body?

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Although the effects of CBD on dogs have not been heavily researched, many people believe it acts as anatural relaxant and pain reliever. In the dog’s body, cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems. These are the parts of the body that manage pain, anxiety, and nausea – hence why CBD oil is often used to treat these symptoms.

Not all CBD products are created equal. Be sure to research what best suits your dog’s situation, be it oil, treats or other supplements.

What should you know before starting dosages?

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We’ve already covered the most important thing to consider before administering CBD to your dog: always buy CBD oil products made specifically for dogs. This will ensure you don’t accidentally purchase anything containing THC or any other ingredients that may be harmful to your dog.

In general, you’ll find 3 different types of CBD products on the shelves for dogs:

  • Treats
  • Oil
  • Capsules

The next thing to consider is the dosage. This depends on a number of things, including your dog’s weight and breed. You’ll also want to research the condition you’re hoping to treat – the dosage will be very different for travel sickness compared to cancer pain.

It’s best to start small and build up your dog’s tolerance. We’d also recommend not trying any other new treatments at the same time, as it will make it different to monitor your dog’s reaction to the CBD.

Start with 2-4 drops twice a day, or a few treats, and you’ll start to see the benefits within a few days. If you don’t see any negative side effects, then feel free to increase the dosage within the brand’s recommended amounts. If you’re unsure about dosage, consult the packaging of the product you’ve chosen. Always buy from reputable sellers so you know exactly what you’re giving your precious pooch.

Always consult your vet before introducing CBD into your dog’s daily routine as it may interact with your pup’s existing condition or medication.

Which CBD oil is best for dogs?

Mixed breed dog on a mound of mulch with a ball

Always choose a reputable brand of CBD oil for dogs. This way, you can trust that not only is the product of good quality, so is the advice on the packet. We highly recommend picking up an organic, non-GMO CBD oil as an initial purchase. This way, you’ll be able to add drops to your pet’s food and monitor their symptoms closely.

If your dog experiences separation anxiety, why not pick some CBD treats and scatter them in their crate or add to a Kong while you’re out? This way, they’ll get the benefits of the CBD and it’ll also keep them busy until you’re back home.

We can’t say this enough – NEVER buy a CBD oil product for your dog which contains THC. Always pick up hemp-derived CBD products, which are specifically designed for dogs.

Our choice for the best CBD oil for dogs

Pit bull smiling on a nice summer day at the park

Ready to let your pup experience the amazing benefits of CBD oil? Whether they have anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, allergies or even cancer, CBD oil products can have miraculous effects on your dog’s symptoms. Here are our favorite CBD oil products for dogs:

How can your canine companion resist this delicious combination of bacon and cheese? They’re free from THC, making them safe for doggy consumption. These treats are the perfect addition to your dog’s daily diet.

Another delicious bacon-flavored snack for your pooch – these are bound to be a favorite with your dog. The soft chews are ideal for older dogs who struggle with chewing.

If your pup experiences skin allergies or dermatitis, this CBD-infused coconut oil is a must-have. The coconut oil acts as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and moisturizer. You’ll also get all the benefits of CBD oil. Perfect spooned onto your dog’s food or smoothed onto areas of irritation, this really is a wonder-product for doggy dry skin.

Whatever your dog’s ailment, CBD oil could help to soothe their symptoms and make them feel more comfortable during their illnesses or while healing from injuries. Whether it’s chronic pain, anxiety or cancer, it’s amazing how effective CBD can be!

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