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The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds on the Market in 2022

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Finding a dog bed to fit you and your dog’s needs can be difficult. Your pups needs are fairly simple; a correct sized dog bed that is comfortable. To accomplish your needs, a bed needs to be worth the money that you put into it. 

Most pet parents worry the bed will fall apart or be destroyed by an anxious or under-stimulated dog. That is why chew proof dog beds are so popular. 

Below we look at some things you can try, and we evaluate some of the most indestructible dog beds.

Is There Such A Thing As an Indestructible Dog Bed

Although many companies claim to offer chew proof beds to different degrees, the facts are that a determined dog can destroy anything. 

However, with a tough dog bed, most dogs will get discouraged and leave the bed alone. To stop your dog from chewing up a bed or at least increase our chances of success; we need to look into what the root cause of the problem is.

Why Does My Dog Chew Their Dog Bed?

Dogs can exhibit destructive behavior for a multitude of different reasons. The most common reasons you have a destructive doggie on your hands are…

  1. Anxiety
  2. Boredom/Understimulation
  3. Puppy Teething/Exploring

How To Stop My Dog From Chewing Beds?

A small brown dog laying in a pile of tissue that it chewed on.

Dog anxiety is the number one cause of dog chewing. More specifically separation anxiety. There are several things you can do to help dogs with separation anxiety. There are options like supplements and CBD products. 

These have proven to really help and should be considered! Also, the expression of a tired dog is a good dog is pretty true. As a dog trainer, I can tell you it is absolutely critical that your dog gets a decent amount of exercise.

One of the side benefits of that exercise is reduced anxiety. Feel free to check out this article here to learn more signs of anxiety in dogs.

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Exercise also helps greatly with dog boredom or if they are under-stimulated as they have less energy pinned up. A trip to the dog park or some games with different dog toys will help with physical stimulation. As for mental stimulation, there are great boredom busters out there, many pet parents will play brain games or give puzzle toys to start. It is also recommended to give them something appropriate to chew on that can be kept with them in a dog crate.

There are a ton of great and tough chew toys out there that can redirect that chewing behavior in an appropriate way. Any combination of these options would be a great way to relieve boredom for your dog.

Lastly, puppies sometimes are just being puppies. Much like human infants, they like to explore things with their mouths. Some breeds (like my labrador) are more prone to this destructive behavior than others. But relax, this is normal for puppies.

When you do see a puppy chewing you should redirect them to something they are allowed to chew and make sure to give them plenty of positive reinforcement when they listen!

Ultimately, I think it is important to understand the root causes of why dogs chew and know that a multi-modal approach is recommended. A chew proof dog bed is not the solution, but it can be part of the solution. Ensure you address the anxiety, or lack of exercise in conjunction with a tough dog bed in order to get the best results.

What to look for in a Chew Resistant Dog Bed?

As you shop you will want to do as much research on the company and the fabric they use to create these heavy-duty beds. 

Things to consider:

  • Return policy 
  • Company Warranty / Guarantee  
  • Fabric / Supporting Materials used 
  • Design

These four things will help you to narrow down the right bed to buy for your dog. Taking a look into the company and their promise will help you to prevent possible stress if anything were to go wrong with the shipping process or if your determined dog actually managed to quickly damage the bed. 

When it comes to the materials and fabrics used it is no secret that there is quite a wide range of soft to more durable materials that can be used when it comes to creating clothing, bedding, shoes, and so on. The tougher the material, the more chew resistant the bed will be. 

A company that discloses what is used for product creation is similar to how restaurants disclose the ingredients used to prepare your meals. 

Knowing what is in your food, or in this case what is used to make your dog’s bed, allows you to make the best decision with more confidence and less guessing. 

All in all, one of the biggest reasons a dog will chew on a bed or anything that is easily accessible can be due to boredom, anxiety, and puppies that are teething to name a few common reasons. If you believe that your dog may fall under one of those categories it would do you a great service to learn how to deter your dog from those bad habits. It will ensure that your bed stands the test of time for even longer than promised!

The Best of the Best: Chew-Proof Dog Bed Makers

The Beds

When you go to the K9 Ballistic site you will see that they appear to have two categories for their more durable beds; Chew-Proof Armored and Tough & Durable. 

The Chew-Proof Armored beds come as an elevated dog bed, elevated crate bed, or crate pad. The Armored beds use a rip-stop waterproof fabric. What makes this design so good and is most likely very hard to be destroyed is the aluminum frame design. This material is typically not a chew favorite for dogs and will help to divert them.

The Tough & Durable line uses the same rip-stop nylon fabric as the Armored bed line, however, these beds have the nice chewy edges that other beds have that are so enticing to dogs. This bed line ensures it can resist normal wear and tear such as scratching and digging. It is also easy to clean up any accidents, hair, dirt, and other debris.

The Warranty 

The warranty is different depending on the two different bed lines. Warranty for the Chew-Proof Armored beds will cover, chewing, scratching, digging, the armored frame, and any manufacturing defects. The Tough & Durable line covers everything but the armored frame (since none of these products include it) and chewing. 

The Return Policy 

If you purchase one of their products you will be able to return or exchange within 30 days of your purchase. The product must still be in the box and not used for it to be considered eligible for the return or exchange.

  • The Good: What is good with this company and their beds is the design of the elevated bed, crate bed, and crate pad. If we are considering the beds that are the most durable then these would seemingly be the hardest to destroy for a pup. The warranty with these beds seems to cover any possibility a life as a customer could throw at you.
  • The Bad: Although the crate bed or pads seem to be very durable, it falls short on the comfort side. Plush beds and even orthopedic beds support the dog’s spine more, which is a big driving force for dog parent when they begin shopping for a bed for their dog.
  • The Ugly: The return policy makes sense if you are the business, on a consumer, however, it does not make the most sense, especially if you want to try the bed and discover your dog just isn’t getting used to it. There might be nothing wrong with the bed, your dog might just prefer yours. It might be frustrating that you are stuck with a bed that may have been used once, but because it is out of the box you are not allowed to return it.


The Beds

On the BuddyRest website, you will want to go to the Tough Dog Bed section to find the chew resistant dog beds. BuddyRest offers a variety of bed types: orthopedic, crate, bolster, and memory foam beds.

The beds in BuddyRest’s Tough Dog Bed Line are produced using Ballistic Nylon fabric. Ballistic Nylon fabric is designed for maximum durability, if you research the fabric you will see that it was created by DuPont during WWII for the use of flak jackets for airmen.

The fabric that they use for stitching is called kevlar smart thread, known as one of the strongest and most heat resistant threads that are commercially available. Kevlar thread is 2.5 times stronger than nylon and polyester.

As we go deeper into the design of the BuddyRest beds they make sure to have a hidden dual zipper. The hidden zipper helps not to attract a pups’ curious mouth, reducing the chance of destruction while increasing ease for those wash days for the machine washable cover.

The memory foam and orthopedic dog beds give that extra comfort and support for a dog’s spine and joints as well as durability for a long-lasting dog bed. These beds also promise to help keep your dog cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the help of the gel-infused memory foam.

The Warranty

All BuddyRest beds have a 10-year warranty for normal use or manufacture defects. It does not cover any damage that is caused by an animal. For the Tough Bed line on its own, you have a 30-day warranty that will allow a one-time replacement for the whole bed. Under this specific warranty, there is a $20 fee to cover the cost of shipping. 

The Return Policy 

BuddyRest offers a 100-day risk-free guarantee return policy, giving you and your dog a good chunk of time to test and get accustomed to the new bed. BuddyRest asks that if you do choose to return the product that your bed is in a like-new condition with no stains or damage. 

  • The Good: With the wide range of chew resistant beds that BuddyRest offers you are sure to find a bed that will fit the needs of your dog. BuddyRest also does not claim to have a chew proof bed, since we know that there is no such thing it is nice to see that they don’t claim their beds to be one thing and disclose the truth elsewhere. 
  • The Bad: This may be a negative to those that like to read reviews before they purchase their products if that is the case you will see that compared to the other two companies they do not have as many reviews from customers. However, the reviews they do have look to have been from happy customers. 
  • The ugly: In my opinion, the way a business treats a customer will make or break a company. As you have previously read the downfalls for the other companies were based on their warranty and return policy. BuddyRest gives a fair amount of time for you to test out your bed and ask that there simply be no signs of damage or stains to make it eligible for a return. 
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Gorilla Dog Beds

The Beds

When you navigate to the Gorilla Dog Bed site you will see on the top banner the CHEW PROOF tab. This brand’s line offers three types of beds: a crate pad, an orthopedic rectangle dog bed, and a round-shaped orthopedic dog bed.

The Gorilla Dog beds use a triple-stitch method when they sew the seam. When describing the quality of their bed they state that they have the, “Toughest beds on the planet.” They have a ballistic line and state that their choice of fabrics are proven and tested and are like materials that are used in the military.

Their orthopedic beds areCertified CertiPUR-USA Orthopedic Mattresses. The company also includes a lifetime guarantee that their beds will not flatten on your dog.

The Warranty 

As stated above, Gorilla Dog Beds includes a Lifetime Guarantee that the beds will not flatten with normal use, however, on the off chance it does, you are able to get one free replacement no questions asked. 

Now if your dog is more interested in chewing on the bed than lying on it, Gorilla Dog beds will offer a 125-day warranty. Be aware that this warranty covers only the Gorilla Ballistic dog bed and crate pad line, and your free replacement will only get you a replacement cover, not the whole bed. So if your dog destroys the bed, you might find yourself with only a new cover to lay on. It seems a little misleading.

Return policy chart for K9 Ballistics, Buddyrest, and Gorilla Dog Beds

The Return Policy 

Gorilla Dog Beds follows a 30-day return policy as well. Fairly similar to K9 Ballistic Dog Beds, the bed must be clean, unused, and not damaged. It does not mention if being out of the box disqualifies the eligibility of the product to be returned. If you do choose to return the item you will only get an 80% refund, the remaining 20% will be used as a restocking fee. 

  • The Good: The different styles of beds allow customers that live different lifestyles to choose what might fit in their home best. The orthopedic beds also give dogs that extra support.
  • The Bad: They never clearly state what their beds are made with. It is assumed some type of ballistic nylon since that is what the line is named after, but when describing the products all they say is a durable material. This is an example of when we as customers have to guess or go further out of our way to ask. 
  • The Ugly: The return policy is this brands downfall as well, as people we can communicate if something will be used or not, yes we can do our best to train our dogs to use something but they do what is natural, and if they are not comfortable should we have to force them to use it? The 20% restocking fee is a bit of a buzz-kill, especially if they are requiring the bed look as it did when it was taken out of the box. 

And The Winner Is...

BuddyRest: Toughest Dog Beds in the world banner.

We have successfully compared three companies that are producing some of the best chew resistant dog beds. We have looked into the design of the bed itself, the materials used, the warranty, and the return policy.

Each company has its clear benefits, K9 Ballistics with their exclusive aluminum frame design, BuddyRest with their durable ballistic nylon that protect the orthopedic and memory foam beds, and Gorilla beds that offer simplicity with their three different size and shape options that can fit any pet parents lifestyle.

All in all, there can only be one winner and although each company provides its own unique position in the market, we feel that BuddyRest would offer more customer satisfaction with their warranty and return policies. Based on their promise they seem to be a company that understands dogs as well as what it is to be a pet parent.

With this information, you should now be one step closer to choosing your pup's very own little piece of comfy furniture and whatever choice you make we know they will thank you for it!

Meet The Author 

Grant Withers

Canine Specialist & Writer

Grant is an award-winning writer for SitStay with a passion for pets and especially dogs! Grant loves writing about furry little goofballs and aims to educate pet parents about anything and everything regarding their dogs.

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