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Can Dogs Eat Raisins?

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While it may be tempting to share your human snacks with your pup, it is important to be educated on what is safe for dogs to consume. Something that may seem harmless can lead to major health complications for your pet. Here are some guidelines for keeping your dog safe.

Can Dogs Eat Fruit?

There is a large variety of fruits that are safe for your dog to eat. Many have nutritional value and may be found in treats and dog food.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium, biotin, fiber, and other vitamins which are great for your dog. They are low in the bad stuff like calories, cholesterol, and sodium. Do not let your dog eat the peel because it can be tough for them to digest.

Apples are safe for your dog as long as the core and seeds are removed. They are low in calories and fat, but high in vitamin C and A. Dogs also love the crunch!

Peaches are a great snack in small quantities. The best way to share them with your pup is in small bites, making sure the pit and its remnants are removed. This particular snack can pose a threat if your dog consumes any part of the pit or stem. Also, make sure there are no leaves from the peach that your dog could accidentally eat.

Strawberries contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are great for your dog. They also have a lot of fiber which can be good for digestion. Strawberries even contain an enzyme that can whiten your dog’s teeth.

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants. They are one of the healthiest snacks for your dog in terms of human food. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals, and their small size makes it easy to practice moderation! Their small size can also be a choking hazard so always supervise your dog when sharing this snack with them.

These fruits contain nutrients that are safe for your dog to digest. However, make sure you feed them to your pup in moderation. Most fruits and even some vegetables contain high levels of sugar so it is best to use them as an occasional treat as opposed to a regular snack.

Too much sugar can cause problems with your dog’s oral health, as well as their weight. If your dog is trying to lose weight, it may be best to consult with your vet about what snacks would aid them in their weight loss journey.

Remember, just because it is safe for human consumption does not mean it is ok for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Raisins?

It is widely known that grapes are toxic to dogs. It can be easy to forget that raisins are still grapes! The dehydration process does not eliminate the toxicity of the fruit.

There is still active research trying to figure out exactly what part of the grape is toxic to dogs. Mycotoxin can be found in grapes and raisins and is highly toxic to dogs. This may be the cause of the adverse reaction, but there are other components of grapes and raisins that could also contribute.

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Symptoms of Grape or Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Spotting the symptoms of grape or raisin poisoning is not difficult. You will notice your dog has an upset stomach. Both vomiting and diarrhea are common. Their stool will usually have pieces of grape or raisin in it.

Along with an upset stomach, your dog will not have an appetite. This can be very dangerous because they will likely be losing a lot of liquid and not staying hydrated.

The upset stomach can include serious discomfort and pain. Sometimes dogs will even whine due to the pain.

Your dog may also be overly quiet. They will not feel well which will cause them to be very tired and act out of the ordinary.

Severe dehydration is a major risk when your dog’s stomach is upset. It can lead to Oliguria, which means your dog is only peeing very small amounts. It can also cause Anuria which is when your dog isn’t urinating at all.

Bad breath is a common ailment for dogs, but if it seems worse than usual, this can also be a sign of raisin or grape poisoning. It will smell different than your typical dog breath and can be a major red flag. It may be unpleasant, but getting up close and personal with your dog could save their life!

While you’re checking your dog’s breath, you can also just check for mouth ulcers. These will be visible to the naked eye and are also caused by raisin consumption.

In severe cases, tremors and seizures can occur. Your dog doesn’t need to consume a large number of grapes to have this type of reaction. This type of poisoning is extremely dangerous and serious.

Dogs can also go into a coma or worse when they consume too many grapes or raisins and they are not given proper medical attention.

What to do if Your Dog Eats Raisins

If your dog has consumed even a small amount of grapes or raisins, it is imperative that you contact your vet immediately. The symptoms can come on swiftly and become very dangerous if not addressed quickly.

Your dog will likely have to stay at the vet overnight and be observed for 24 hours. The vet is equipped to keep your dog safe if any of the symptoms occur. They can make sure your pup stays hydrated while going through a detox period.

CBD Oil can be used if seizures or tremors are occurring. It is safe to give as a preventative measure. Just make sure your vet signs off on it before giving anything to your dog when they are sick.

Raisin poisoning can be life-threatening for your dog. It is also important to remember that many human foods can contain extracts of grape or pieces of raisin. If there is any question about whether or not a food is safe for your dog, be overly cautious.

It is better not to share than to put them at risk of these scary and dangerous symptoms. Use this as a reference to figure out which snacks are safe, and avoid grapes or raisins.

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