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CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety: Do CBD Dog Treats Help with Anxiety?

King Charles Spaniel Looking Anxious At The Kitchen Table

Is your dog terrified of the smallest things? Do they get upset at the prospect of being left home alone? Does anxiety make them unpredictable or even aggressive? As an owner of an anxious dog, you’ve probably tried every pharmaceutical method of calming your pup’s nerves on the market. When it comes to helping your canine companion overcome anxiety, the natural method is often best.

As with humans, CBD oil has proven to be an incredibly effective treatment for anxiety symptoms. You may be wondering how to safely administer CBD to your dog, what dosage to use and how to know if it’s working? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD dog treats and how they work to calm anxiety in dogs.

What is anxiety in dogs?

Border collie looking sad in front of a bookshelf

Anxiety in dogs is a complex issue. You may never know the exact source of your dog’s anxiety, particularly if your pup is a rescue or retired working dog. Just like us humans, your dog’s past experiences shape their behavior and reactions to stimuli. It only takes a few bad experiences to create a very anxious doggy.

Anxiety in dogs can be split into two different causes:

  • Situational

This is a dog’s reaction to an immediate trigger, for example, fireworks, thunder, strangers or other dogs’ aggression.

  • Behavioral

This type of anxiety might be a reflection of past experiences, such as separation anxiety.

What causes anxiety spikes in dogs?

Sad brown dog on a red checkered couch

This very much depends on your pooch. You might know your dog’s triggers and work to avoid them, such as going somewhere quiet for New Year’s Ever to avoid fireworks or walking your dog away from other breeds. However, we can’t always predict what will set off the anxiety in our canine friends. This is particularly true if your pooch is a rescue or has experienced trauma in the past.

Common symptoms of dog anxiety include:

  • Whimpering/crying
  • Shaking
  • Aggression
  • Accidents in the house despite being house trained
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Pacing
  • Panting

What are some things you can do to help your dog's anxiety?

Sad dog when their owner is about to leave the house

Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to soothe your dog’s anxiety. The first thing to do is determine their triggers: are they nervous around other dogs? Do they react badly to people wearing certain clothing such as hats or sunglasses? Are they sensitive to noise? There are so many things your dog may be anxious about! Since your dog can’t talk back to you, it’s best to avoid these triggers wherever possible. If you do encounter a trigger, always use a soft and quiet voice and avoid getting angry or shouting.

This is particularly true if your pooch is in the habit or urinating or defecating indoors when they’re scared. Work to positively reinforce good behavior, such as giving them treats when they go outside to do their business. If your dog does have an accident inside, never tell them off or make a fuss – this will only make their anxiety worse.

Your dog relies on you for all their basic needs, so give them as much comfort as they need during their anxious times. You are their rock so love them generously and don’t be afraid to hold them or pet them.

Your dog may also react positively to music. A quick search on YouTube will yield numerous results of “anxiety music for dogs”. These tunes will soothe and help create an atmosphere of safety and security in the home. This is particularly useful if your dog is trigger by sounds, such as construction work or fireworks.

For extended periods of anxiety, your pup may benefit from a weighted blanket. Also known as ‘anxiety blankets’, these items have proven to be useful to soothe anxiety in both humans and dogs. The weight mimics the effect of being swaddled and can be very comforting during periods of intense panic and anxiety. It’s also thought that the pressure helps to lower the physiological effect of arousal and stress, keeping your dog’s body and mind calm.

CBD for anxiety

anxious schnauzer that needs CBD dog treats

CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from the marijuana or hemp plant. The naturally occurring oil can benefit dogs with anxiety. Pet owners should always purchase hemp-derived CBD oil and avoid marijuana-derived products. This is because hemp-derived CBD oil contains no THC – the psychoactive ingredient commonly found in cannabis. Your pup will experience all the benefits of CBD without the high.

CBD for dogs comes in three formats: oil, capsules or treats. All of these are a great way to treat your dog’s anxiety. What makes CBD treats perfect for your pup is the fact you can take them anywhere. Sprinkle a few in their crate when you’re going out or take some in the car, you’ll be able to administer their favorite treats without worrying about carrying the oil. Make sure to check to dosage on the packet and never give your dog more than the recommended amount of CBD treats each day.

Can CBD dog treats for anxiety actually work?

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Research shows cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems. This can have a calming effect on the whole body, including your dog’s anxiety, pain receptors, and even the digestive system. The benefits of CBD treats don’t stop there. These delicious morsels will also act as anti-inflammatories, perfect if your dog experiences chronic pain or is suffering from an injury.

How to find good CBD treats for your dog?

So, you’re ready to try CBD dog treats to soothe your nervous pup? The most important thing is that you buy products specifically designed for dogs. Don’t cut corners and buy the first CBD treats you see. We recommend theNatural Doggie Hemp Infused Bacon and Cheese Baked Dog Treats. Not only do these contain 0% THC, but these treats are also made from irresistible natural ingredients. There are no nasty surprises in the ingredient list, just non-GMO hemp-derived CBD oil, and other natural ingredients.

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Whatever treats you decide, be sure they are hemp-derived and made for canine consumption. Always follow the packaging recommend dosage for your pet’s weight. If in doubt about whether CBD is right for your anxious pup, consult your trusted vet before administering the treats.  

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