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How owners can cause stress in dogs

stress in dogs

Just like humans dogs can have an occasional episode of stress that makes them act uncharacteristic of themselves. This can be caused by a couple things and can even be the fault of the owner. Obviously we don't do it on purpose but there are some common things dog owners do to cause stress in dogs. First we will look at those things we do that cause our furry friend stress, then we will look at ways we can help them remain more comfortable.

How we cause stress in dogs

There are many factors that can lead to stress in dogs from someone ringing the doorbell to a squirrel just outside the window. But some of the worst stress comes when their loved ones do something that is confusing or unwanted and this is where we will be looking at.

Confusing “human gestures” are an easily mistaken sign that can cause a dog to feel like they have done something wrong. When humans point and wave their finger at a dog this can cause them to think they have done something wrong and can go into a state of stress because of it. When they have seen this finger repeatedly before when they pee inside or eat something off the table they associate it with punishment. So if you do it when they aren't in trouble this could cause them to have stress when it is necessary.

stress in dogs

In a similar way when humans say something reassuring over and over before either a shot at the vet or a haircut they then know that word means panic. This is just another case of misunderstanding because obviously the dog doesn't understand but they know that word means they are not going to like what comes next.

Some dogs have very small bubbles and acceptance of weird gestures and when we break these they can cause stress in dogs. One thing I am guilty of is trying to be to close to my dogs, sure its fine when they come lay on me but when i try to hug them they get grumpy and move. If your dog isn't one of the ones that likes hugs you could be causing them stress with the over touchy and close signs of affection.

Dogs also are not huge fans of eye contact as it is a sign of aggression, even if you are just trying to be playful. This is generally the case for dogs that are not part of our family and do not know who we are but sometimes staring down your own dog can give them loads of stress. There are a ton of small things that our dogs just find stressful and the best way to find out what bothers your dog is to observe their behavior when you are interacting with them.

How to deal with stress in dogs

stress in dogs

It can be hard knowing your dog is stressed and not being able to help them especially if you are one of the things causing it. Luckily we are also able to help them when we notice they are stressed.

The first thing you should do is give them space and see if they go back to normal, try playing fetch to make sure they are happy again.

Another option is to do something you know they love which could be anything from a walk around the block to a hard game of tug-o-war. We are the closest people to our furry little friends and should know how to help them out with something they like. Just do what you think is best and make sure your dog seems comfortable doing it.

The last option I will cover is to introduce CBD into your dogs life when they are stressed out. CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is an all natural compound that works with the body's endocannabinoid system to release chemicals into the body that cause a calming reaction. The great thing about CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is that it is less than .3% THC which is 100% safe and non psychoactive for dogs. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about anything you add to your dogs diet to ensure the best results.

stress in dogs

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Stress can be annoying and dogs deal with it just like us humans do, sometimes we even cause their stress. Its no ones fault and is often just a miscommunication between us and our furry friends. Just remember next time you try to hug your dog they may be super uncomfortable, just watch their reaction. If you know something that causes your dogs to stress out let us know in the comments below. Also feel free to share this with anyone who might be doing one or more of these things to cause stress in dogs.

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stress in dogs

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