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5 Winter Exercising Tips For Dogs

SitStay Blog: 5 Winter Exercising Tips For Dogs


When temperatures drop during winter, it might be tempting to stay indoors with your dog where it’s warm. However, it’s still important for dogs to get exercise, even when it’s cold out. Keep in mind that many dogs enjoy playing in the snow, and you can cover your dog’s feet and body for extra warmth while you’re outside. Instead of letting the cold and snow stop you and your dog from having fun, consider doing the following activities this winter. 

Hide and Seek

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, even in winter when the ground is covered in snow. You can give your dog a mental and physical workout by hiding a treat or toy, then having her find out by sniffing around. This tracking activity makes good use of your dog’s sense of smell while also being a fun way to spend time outside with your pet. 


One of the easiest ways to keep dogs warm while exercising outside in winter is by playing fetch. Throw a ball or another object around in your yard or at the local dog park and have your dog fetch it. Your dog will get plenty of exercise without getting too cold or uncomfortable. 


This is a newer way to keep dogs busy outdoors during winter. Skijoring involves putting on a pair of skis and attaching a special harness to your dog. The idea is that your dog will pull you around on your skis while you go walking around in the snow. 


If your dog loves being out in the snow, strap on a pair of snowshoes and go for a hike or a walk with your pet. You’ll have an easy time getting around in the snow, and your dog will get a good workout while exploring or digging through the snow. 

Snowball Toss

Snowball toss is a fun and simple way to make sure your dog gets exercise during winter. Grab some snowballs and throw them so your dog can try to catch them or chase after them. Your dog will get a good cardio workout by running around or jumping. 

Don’t let winter weather prevent you from spending time outside with your dog. Just remember to bundle up, and make sure your dog’s paws and body are protected from the cold.

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