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CBD for dogs with anxiety

September 24, 2018 0 Comments

cbd for dogs with anxiety

Anxiety is rough and there is little out there to help for both humans and dogs, that is why CBD for dogs with anxiety is becoming a popular option in these times of fright. There are tons of triggers that could make a dog freak out and some you can know about in advance. Along with this there are tons of additional benefits to CBD, so let's look at how CBD for dogs with anxiety works.

Anxiety in dogs

cbd for dogs with anxiety

Pets have all the same emotions as humans, this means that with all the good may come some of the bad. One of these is anxiety which can come in many forms but is ultimately the product of fear or worry.

Dogs cannot control what their anxiety reacts to and the pet parents job is to make sure their furry friend feels safe at home. Some of the things that might lead your pet to freak out include thunderstorms, fireworks, strangers, increased company, and maybe even a new piece of artwork. It is hard to tell exactly when and where your dog may have anxiety and certain holidays may seem like rough times for certain dogs. Halloween and fourth of July are two holidays that have high anxiety rates for dogs of all ages and sizes.

cbd for dogs with anxiety

There are also some formsof anxiety that may benefit from CBD but will need additional help in the behavioral training department. These include cases like separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, and aggression towards other animals.

Anxiety in dogs is a tricky thing to deal with and can sometimes even go unnoticed. It is important to look at some of the symptoms and to check with how your dog is handling themselves to make sure they are not suffering from anxiety. These symptoms include scratching at doors, licking of the lips, increased grooming, whining, panting, shaking, pacing, and uncontrolled urination.

CBD for dogs with anxiety

cbd for dogs with anxiety

CBD is becoming a fast growing aid for many different symptoms that come along with a dog aging or their mental health. It is making the quality of life significantly better for certain dogs facing problems that otherwise would either not be able to be healed or that would cost way too much to fix.

CBD itself is a compound of the hemp plant that is called Cannabidiol and is known as one of the cannabinoid compounds. These compounds are what you might find in medical marijuana but CBD itself is the main component of the medical aspect. CBD contains less than .03% THC when properly produced and this is important because that amount is non toxic to dogs. It is also non psychoactive at that level because that all comes from the THC compound. Make sure to check that any CBD you administer to your furry friends falls in the less than .03% THC category.

The way CBD for dogs with anxiety works its way through the body is the endocannabinoid system. This is a process that will attract the CBD compound and have it work its way through the nervous system giving relief and aid to parts of the body that require it. This is also the process that allows the CBD compound to enter the brain releasing serotonin which is a way to calm your body down, meaning it helps reduce anxiety in dogs.

cbd for dogs with anxiety

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CBD for other problems

cbd for dogs with anxiety

CBD is not only used for anxiety and is actually a preferred choice by many users for symptoms and illnesses across the board. Some are backed by scientific proof and some are backed by user testimonials however there are plenty of success stories for even the far fetched ideas of what this compound can do. Some of the more backed by testing illness it is linked to include:

  • Seizure reduction for both amount and severity
  • Pain relief
  • Cancer and tumor cell prevention
  • Arthritis


  • Blood disorders

As with anything related to a change in your dog's diet or supplement intake it is important to contact your veterinarian to ensure your dog is getting the proper treatment. CBD for dogs with anxiety is a good option to improve the mental well being of your furry friend. Whether they are afraid of loud noises, or the little kids on Halloween, CBD can truly be a blessing allowing your dog to finally relax in these high anxiety moments.

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