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CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer: Guide 2022

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Cancer is a word you never want to hear from your doctor or veterinarian, and if your dog does happen to face this battle there is a way to help them out. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound that has positive side effects that can help out our furry friends during this hard time facing cancer. Before we look at CBD oil for dogs with cancer we must first look at CBD itself.


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CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound derived from the hemp plant that has loads of beneficial properties. Because of this people are using it for a wide array of illness their furry friend may be facing including helping symptoms of cancer. CBD when extracted properly has little to no THC leftover which is the important part of why it is safe for dogs. Medical marijuana is very popular right now due to the benefits, and these benefits come from the CBD compound in the plant. When you extract this CBD it becomes a non psychoactive version with no THC that is safe for pets.

With all of the benefits of medical marijuana while being a non toxic substance for dogs, CBD can be miraculous during this period of fighting cancer.

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

When giving your dog CBD oil, it is important to be aware of what the proper dosage for your dog is. To begin you will want to focus on some key measurements:

  • Your dog's weight
  • The number of milligrams in the dosage
  • The concentration of the CBD product you are using. (You may find that depending on the brand you are using, that they might not disclose this on the bottle).

Once you get the specific information that you need from these three specific things, you will then need to do a little bit of math to get to your dog's dosage amount.

First, you will take your dogs weight in pounds and convert it into kilograms. You can do this by dividing your dogs weight by 2.2. For example, A 50 lb dog divided by 2.2 would make their weight 22 kg. I would go by the whole number, don't worry about rounding up.

Second, you will multiply your dogs weight that is now in kg by your products dosage amount. If the dosage was 0.3, take 22 X 0.3, giving you 6.6. This is where you could round up to the next whole number, giving you a dosage amount of 7 mg.

Third and final step, will be to find the concentration of your product. To do this you will need to find out how many milligrams of CBD is in each milliliter. You may want to pick your product based off who more easily discloses this information.

When you find your products dosage amount you will simply divide your figured dosage amount by the number from the concentration amount. This will tell you how much product to put in your dropper before you dispense. 

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CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer

To start off, CBD in no way cures cancer, and it is not a miracle drug that can save your dog. However CBD can offer help where cancer lowers the quality of a pet who is diagnosed. This is why it is such a great compound for dogs with cancer, it makes it less sucky while they are trying their hardest to get better.

In this  2016 article by Davis MP they show some of the evidence that CBD can help stop bad cell growth in tumors. Though this is not focused on dogs there is still weight to the argument that CBD oil can help cancer in dogs.

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Cancer does many thing to the body that cause incredible discomfort or pain, things like Seizures, loss of appetite, and joint  pains are just a couple on the long list of bad symptoms. This makes you as the owner struggle as it is hard to help a dog through this time and can sometimes lead to the debate of quality of life over quantity of life. It can be an extremely difficult time period full of stress and heartache, but this is where CBD can shine as a fighter for your dog’s comfort.

Many of the effects of CBD can counteract the negative symptoms cancer is known to cause. Many times when dealing with cancer there is loss of appetite as a repercussion, CBD helps rebuild your dog's hunger making sure they have that energy to help sustain them throughout their fight with cancer through  healthy snacks or a  supplement for bones and teeth.

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Tumors are also a troubling effect caused by cancer that can spread and cause pain and worse troubles to your dog. CBD cannot remove or get rid of the tumor, but it has been known to cut off growth by stopping cancer cells from getting the nutrients they need to survive. Though this may not sound amazing, it truly is a huge part of why CBD oil for dogs with cancer is a miraculous thing.

Another thing CBD is great at is reducing the inflammation caused by Cancer and its many symptoms. Things like Joint pains and aches, pains caused by inflamed body parts, and arthritis are all common symptoms that accompany cancer that can be counteracted through hemp derived CBD.

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The last symptom I will cover is seizures, these can be extremely scary to witness if you have never been around one before. CBD is a known compound that helps fight both the duration and amount of seizures in humans and dogs. For me this alone is a reason to get your dog started on dosages if they are diagnosed with cancer that could cause seizures. For more on CBD and seizures check out my other blog  CBD oil for dogs with seizures.

We encourage you to start a conversation with your vet if you think your dog could benefit from CBD oil for dogs with cancer. Again CBD is not a cure for cancer, But it can make the quality of life better for your furry friend while they fight it off. Before changing anything regarding your dogs diet and health it is wise to seek your veterinarians advice to make sure they are getting the best help they can.

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