Dog Joint Pain: Can CBD Oil Help?

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Dog joint pain can be an extreme annoyance to the point of not wanting to move at all due to the issue. Just like humans getting these pains all the time's dogs can suffer from their joints aching all the time. Can CBD oil help dog joint pain? Yes! In this article, I will go over multiple ways why CBD is a great option for any dog who is suffering from joint pain and arthritis.

Before we get into CBD lets take a look at how dogs suffer from joint pains and some reasons this may be a problem for them.

Dog Joint Pain

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Joint pain can come from many things but the main big one is arthritis in dogs that can leave them in pain constantly. There are other problems like hip dysplasia, overworking the joint, and even just a bad bump that can all lead to pain in your dog's joints. The way arthritis gets dog joint pain flaring is by the cartilage wearing down causing the bone to rub and cause inflammation in the area. The root of a majority of joint pain issues is due to Inflammation in fact which is why CBD is a great choice.  

Joint pain can be a cycle of worsening symptoms, from pain comes not wanting to move, and this leads to the joints becoming stiffer and more painful the next time your dog tries to get up. This is how some dogs get so bad and why getting them moving around is such an important factor in treating arthritis.

Now that we know a little about what joint pain does I can cover the ways in which CBD is able to treat these issues in your furry friends.

CBD Oil For Dogs

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a compound derived from the hemp plant called cannabidiol or CBD for short, thus the name. This compound is also found in medical marijuana and is the reason behind some of its miraculous benefits. CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant and because of this, it is also THC free which is what makes it nontoxic for dogs. THC can be a toxic thing for dogs which is why medical marijuana is not an option for our pooches, but CBD which has less than .03%, when extracted the proper way, is a safe alternative that works naturally with the bodies endocannabinoid system.

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CBD has a multitude of benefits that seem amazing and this is because they are amazing, things like anxiety reduction, reducing seizure symptoms, and fighting bad cancer cells in the body just to name a few. The benefit that we are going to focus on in this article is its anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, the main cause of joint pains is also something that CBD can help out with. In fact, one of the products we have really found useful is a CBD infused coconut oil by Natural Doggie. Coconut oil is another anti-inflammatory that carries some of its own great benefits so the two together makes it a great option for any pet parents wanting to help their pups.

Can CBD Oil Help Dog Joint Pain?

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Yes! CBD oil for dogs is not only a natural Anti-inflammatory that helps fight against the inflammation caused by arthritis and other joint problems, but CBD also reduces the dog's anxiety levels to pain which helps them get up and moving around. This keeps your dog’s joints loose and feeling good so they can move about even more. There are also other great products that can help joint pains like this advanced mobility chew that contains turmeric which is a strong natural anti-inflammatory.

CBD even though it has some amazing benefits cannot cure joint pains that dogs face. It can, however, alleviate some of the symptoms making it more manageable for your furry friend to do their normal activities like they are still young pups.

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If your dog is suffering from joint pains CBD is a smart place to start as it can help your dog fight back little by little. It is also important to make sure your veterinarian is involved in this information as they may be able to help you decide further actions to take to help your pup heal. It is also important to have your veterinarian involved whenever making a change to your dog’s daily diet. Feel free to comment below if you have any advice for a pet parent dealing with dog joint pain issues that you wish you knew earlier. And make sure to share so others can get this great tool against joint pain issues.

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