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How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth Naturally with Coconut Oil: Guide 2022

Dalmatian with clean dog teeth

Getting professional teeth cleaning for your dog can have some negative aspects to it that many dog owners want to avoid like anesthesia and the hefty bill afterward. Luckily there are ways to help your dog at home by brushing their teeth or using an all natural dog teeth cleaner like coconut oil. In this article, I will be teaching you how to clean your dog's teeth naturally so that your furry friend can have sparkling white teeth and fresh breath every day.

Before we dive into how to clean your dog's teeth lets look at the substance that we will be talking about in this article, coconut oil!

What is Coconut Oil for Dogs?

how to clean your dog's teeth naturally

Coconut oil is a fatty oil, and I know we tend to avoid fatty substances but there are two kinds of fats. The two types of fats that enter our body are Saturated and Unsaturated, Saturated fats are the ones that bring beneficial properties to the body and can help out our furry friends. Coconut oil, in particular, has what is known as medium chain triglycerides or MCTs which is what really makes this an amazing substance.

MCT consists of Capric Acid, Lauric Acid, Myristic Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Palmitic. Two other ingredients found in coconut oil are 2% linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and about 6% oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acids).

These Acids all have ties to antibacterial and antifungal benefits that can help keep a dog's mouth and teeth fresh, clean, and healthy.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Dog’s Teeth

how to clean your dog's teeth naturally with coconut oil

The statistic for how many pet parents that clean their dog's teeth seems to fluctuate every day but it always stays under 10%. This can be concerning considering some of the dental disease and tartar buildup that our furry friends deal with. Coconut oil can be a simple solution to a difficult problem and there are multiple ways to go about this.

The first method is what you'd expect from a dental care article, Brush their teeth! Coconut oil on its own can work as toothpaste for dogs and can keep their pearly whites actually white. If you've never brushed your dog's teeth it can be super simple, apply the coconut oil on a baby's toothbrush or your finger and brush in a circular motion. Some dogs do not like the sensation and may need a little more reassurance than others, you can always try another method if this is the case but teeth brushing is by far the best option of the three. For a more detailed explanation check out thisguide by WebMD and simply replace the toothpaste with coconut oil.

The next idea may require a little bit of work and can be a messy method so make sure your dogs are outside for this one. It required getting the coconut oil to melt then soaking a bone or rawhide in it. Once this happens let it dry then simply let your furry friend go to town. This will get them to naturally rub the coconut oil on their teeth as they chew giving them a dental cleaning they enjoy. To melt the coconut oil simply plop it in the microwave for 15 seconds and soak the bone in it then let the bone dry on a rack or plate. Once it is dry you are ready to serve! This method does not help remove tartar build so make sure to go in and do your best to remove this on little Fido.

Natural dog teeth cleaner works well for this golden retriever

The last method Is to give your dog coconut oil in their daily food, this will not give them the best quality cleaning but the natural ingredients in coconut oil will help them fight off some of the problems associated with poor dental hygiene. As they are eating the coconut oil for dogs teeth will rub around their mouth helping multiple issues dogs face.  

Some things to keep in mind as you are preparing to brush your dog's teeth is that some ingredients can be harmful to our pets and they don't know to spit after brushing. There are toothpaste made for dogs but human dental products should be avoided at all costs. By using a natural product like coconut oil for your furry friend's health you know no bad ingredient or chemical is getting into your dog's system.

Coconut Oil Dosage

how to clean your Golden retriever's teeth naturally

When using coconut oil it is important to know that it will be going into your dog's system and there is such thing as too much. Though it is not toxic if your dog eats too much it could give them an upset stomach and make them sick while it goes through their body. The recommended dosage is a teaspoon for every 10 pounds and then a tablespoon for every 30 pounds. This makes it super simple as this is the perfect amount needed to do a tooth brushing on your dogs. When soaking your dogs bone make sure to slowly add coconut oil to your dog's diet beforehand to make sure they can handle the ingredient.

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The goal of this article is to give pet parents the tools they need to help their dog have healthy teeth in an all natural healthy way without breaking the bank. It is advised to contact your veterinarian before introducing coconut oil to your dog's diet to make sure it will help them out as the best option. If you have any other tips for cleaning dogs teeth or maybe want to add on to something I have covered feel free to comment below. Also, make sure to share this post to your friends so they can get the awesome benefits coconut oil can have for your dog's teeth. If you were ever wondering how to clean your dog's teeth naturally I hope this article has been what you were looking for.

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