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Preparing Your Dog For the Storm Season

The arrival of June marks the official start of the hurricane and tornado season. For pet owners, this is a good time to get prepared for possible emergencies. Although some measures might seem inconvenient for you and your family, early preparation can insure the lives of your family including your dog.

The following simple tips can help keep you and your dog safe during this season.

Plan Ahead

Lay out a comprehensive plan that you can initiate in a moment’s notice. Your plan should incorporate an evacuation route for you and your dog, where to get supplies set in a safe and easily accessible place. Ensure that you check in advance with your local emergency shelter to see if they accept pets. If they don't, make a list of pet-friendly hotels or accommodations help ease the stress.

Create an Emergency Kit

When planning, it's vital that you plan for the worst-case scenario. An emergency dog-kit should include a first-aid kit, food and water bowls, medicines and bandages, a week’s worth of bottled water, blanket, flashlight, current picture of your pet, medical records, and identification tags (should include a phone number and address).

Ensure for Safety

Ensure that you keep your dog in a carrier or secured with a leash to prevent it from wandering off before or after a storm.

Going Out

Sometimes disaster preparedness can require anything from a brief absence from your home to permanent evacuation. If you are required to evacuate do so at first warning. Have your backpack ready with all the pet essentials and know how to get to the nearest shelter.

Apt disaster preparedness ensures that you keep your family including your pet’s safe in the long-run. The above simple steps will help you get your plan in place before the storm season strikes. Be Safe!