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9 Quick And Easy Dog Lifehacks

SitStay Blog 9 Quick And Easy Dog Lifehacks

Caring for your dog is a rewarding thing but sometimes you wish there were ways to make things a bit easier. Here are nine quick and easy hacks to make your dog days filled with more tail-wags.

1. Ball In A Food Bowl

Does your dog gobble down food faster than you can pour it? Puzzle bowls and brake-fast bowls are great ways to help them slow down their ravenous appetite. You can also use a ballto make it harder for them to shovel the food into their mouths.

2. Freeze Treats

Most dogs like the taste of ice cubes and this can help them cool down in the hot summer heat. Hide some of their favorite treats in an ice cube tray with some water or Beer Paws Singles to create a flavorful treat that beats the heat!

3. DIY Dog Bed

Create an easy bed for your dog by placing a pillow in a hamper (one large enough for your dog) and lay a blanket over it. This will give your pup a place to lie down that is easy to clean!

4. Play Fetch Downhill

If you have a high-energy dog and are working to tire them out, play fetch down a hill to tire them out faster. When the weather is too hot to be outside, you can play fetch on the stairs in your house. 

5. DIY Crinkle Toy

Looking for a different sounding toy than a squeaker? Take an empty water bottle and wrap it in a fleece blanket. Cut the excess ends of the fleece blanket into ribbons and tie them to keep the bottle secure. Voila!

6. Nail Trim Distractions

Giving your dogs treats during a nail trim can help turn a nightmare of a time into a quick and simple job. Letting your dog lick dog-safe peanut butter off of a spoon can help keep them distracted longer than a biscuit. 


Using a Dremel is another way to trim a dog's nail but only if they are not fearful of it! You can accustom your dog to the sound of a Dremel by starting with an old electric toothbrush. This sound is softer and will not hurt the dog when they sniff at it.

Place the toothbrush while it's off on the ground and reward your dog when they approach it and also if they touch it. After a few sessions this way, with the toothbrush still on the ground, turn it on. Continue to reward your pup as they approach and touch it. Soon your dog will be ready for the Dremel.

Remember, all dogs have different levels they are comfortable with and will learn to accept things at different speeds. Never force your dog to something they are fearful of.

7. Safe Summer Paws

The pavement in the summer heats up and a lot of the times we (humans) do not notice due to our shoes. Our pups don't usually wear shoes so they are walking directly on it. Place your hand on the sidewalk and if you cannot keep your hand there for five minutes, the pavement is too hot. 

Once the pavement has cooled, usually in the later evening or early mornings, you can add an additional layer of protection by putting a thin layer of organic coconut oil on their pads. This helps keep their paws from directly touching the pavement and coconut oil provides many benefits for your dog too!

8. Organize With A Shower Caddy

Great for multiple dog homes, using a shower caddy to store your treats, leashes, and poop bag holders will keep you organized and ready for any walk! Hang it near your door for quick and easy access. The best part is you can usually find them in a color to match your home style.

9. Removing Storm Static

Some dogs fear storms because of the loud booms of thunder, but there could be an additional culprit. During storms, dogs are likely to feel uncomfortable because of the static build-up in their coats. Run a non-scented dryer sheet to remove the static and leave them feeling more comfortable during this scary time.

These are some quick and easy dog lifehacks. Do you have a favorite not listed on here? Share it with us in the comments below!

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