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Dog Sweater Contest Rules

a Jack Russell wearing antlers and a christmas sweater

It is that time of year where we wear sweaters to not only show of our Christmas spirit but to keep warm and cozy. It just so happens that some of us want to share that with our dogs. So, for those people who bought their dog a sweater, this contest is for YOU!

This contest will start Thursday, December 5 and last until Monday, December 16th. Every day we will pick the best-sweatered dog and post him on our Facebook and Instagram. We will then pick a final winner from those 12 and they will win a FREE SitStay Holiday Pup Pack!

To join the contest, follow these simple rules:


1. Like us on Facebook (Sitstay.com) and follow us on Instagram (Sitstaygooddogs)

2. Upload your picture

  • Your pet has to be a dog.
  • Your dog has to be wearing a sweater 

3. Tag Us!

We will post the winner on Friday, December 20th! Good Luck and Happy Holidays! We can’t wait to see what cute and ugly sweaters you have! 

Dont forget to tag us! Instagram: sit stay good dogs and for facebook: sit stay . com

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