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I Need a Heavy-Duty Dog Bed

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Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author  of I Need A Heavy - Duty Dog Bed
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When looking for a new dog bed, you will want to look for a heavy-duty dog bed.  Some dogs will not destroy their bed and will do just fine with a non-heavy-duty dog bed, but a larger dog or one that is prone to chewing on things will need a heavy-duty bed.  This article will help you find a great heavy-duty dog bed for your dog to enjoy for years.

What makes a good heavy-duty dog bed?

There are many things to consider when looking for a heavy-duty dog bed. You want to make sure that this bead is made of tough, durable material. Most of the time, this material is Kevlar. This material makes for a very tough and chew proof dog bed. Chew proof material is very helpful for puppies or restless dogs. Puppies are known to chew on things that they are not supposed to and even destroy their beds and toys.  

This bed should also be very comfortable. If your dog’s bed is not comfortable, your dog will not sleep on their bed. Some beds are heavy-duty, but they are also not very comfortable for your dog to sleep on. Also, you will want to find a bed that is very easy to clean.

Your dog will eventually make a mess in their bed, and you will need to clean it up. Having a bed that can easily be cleaned will help you keep your dog's bed mess-free.

If your dog is chewing on their bed, they may be suffering from anxiety.  Dogs with separation anxiety will chew on their beds when you are gone. You can help your dog who suffers from separation anxiety by giving them CBD products. CBD treat is a great reward to give your dog every day that will help them not have anxiety.

What are the best heavy-duty dog beds?

When looking for a heavy-duty dog bed, look at the Titan dog beds. These beds meet all the requirements for a heavy-duty dog bed. They are very tough, easy to clean, and very comfortable. These three beds would be a great choice for your dog.

Titan Defender Ballistic Bolster Bed

Titan Defender Ballistic Bolster Bed is made with a raised cushion around the edge. This is a great place for your dog to rest his head. This bed is also great for dogs who like to sleep curled up. This bed is made of 1680 Titan Ballistic Nylon and is sewn together with Kevlar. This is a very strong chew resistant material and thread to help make this a very heavy-duty bed. This material and thread are the same material that bullet-proof vests are made from. These beds are meant to stand up to the most dedicated chewers.

This bed is also wonderful for dogs with arthritis and joint pain. It contains true cool memory foam that is great for arthritic dogs. This bed is made to relieve arthritis pain, decrease joint stiffness, and increase mobility. The True Cool memory foam will help keep your pets cool on those hot summer nights.

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Titan Citadel Ballistic Dog Bed

The titan Citadel Ballistic Dog Bed comes in many different sizes to fit the needs of your dog.  This bed is also weaved with Kevlar to help with the durability of your dog's bed. This bed has AdaptaLoft filling that helps make this bed very comfortable for your dog to sleep on. 

The Citadel bed is machine washable, which is great for all those messes your dog may make. It also has a hidden zipper to help decrease things for your dog to chew on. This bed would be a great heavy-duty dog bed to get for your dog.

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Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Bed

The Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Bed is also a great choice for a heavy-duty dog bed. This bed is made of 1680 Titan Ballistic Nylon and Kevlar threading. This makes this bed practically indestructible. This bed also has a plush side. This is great for dogs who like to rest their head on the side of the bed.

This bed contains the True Cool Memory Foam for comfort and has a gel-infused layer to help with temperature regulation. This gel layer helps keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With the memory foam layer, this would be a great bed to get for your dog if they also have arthritis issues. This is a great orthopedic dog bed that is also heavy duty.

Titan Tough Guarantee

All three of these beds come with a one-time Titan Tough replacement guarantee meaning that if your dog destroys these beds, that will replace the bed for free. This shows how much the manufacturers have faith in their products that they will replace your dog's bed for free if it gets destroyed. This is a great thing to have, especially if your dog is known to destroy everything possible. Most of these beds can range in price depending on how big of a bed that you need.

 When looking for a heavy-duty dog bed, there are many things that you need to consider. Most dogs love to chew and destroy their beds, so doing a little research before buying a bed will help save you money.  

Make sure that you get a bed that is made of strong, durable material that is also very easy to clean. This will help save you on replacing your dog's bed very often. These three Titan dog beds would make a great choice for your dog to sleep on that is heavy duty and very comfy. By picking the right bed, your dog will have many restful nights, and you will not have to keep buying a dog bed.

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